Database Cost Assessment.

Lower the cost of databases in the cloud
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Need to reduce costs?

As businesses look to make significant cost reductions, is your organisation really on top of your ongoing database cost?

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Sound familiar?

Large workloads

Are you running large database workloads that represent a large portion of your infrastructure costs

Costly Licenses

Do you have high license and support costs on your current databases?

Growing Demand

Do you have a database that is continuously growing?

Compromising Quality

Do you want to reduce database costs without compromising quality

Drive up to 90% in savings.

Database Cost Assessment

Nordcloud can help you identify the key areas of TCO and optimize your workloads. To drive costs down you need to:

> Understand cost sources for your database(s) and application(s) 

> Understand the opportunities provided by the cloud

> Balance reduced costs without compromising key services 

> Combine hands-on work, experienced cloud architects, and rigorous optimization to identify the savings opportunities

Optimise Costs

What are the key benefits of the solution?



Fast and cost effective setup based on Nordcloud built automation


Easily scalable and adjustable capacity to match the needs



Delivered by extensive team of cloud-native experts

Clear view of cloud spend


Fixed costs and timeline

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