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Webinar: Modernise a database in a day.

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    Application modernisation is the process of taking existing applications and modernising their platform infrastructure and internal architecture. As more organisations are taking the time to do this, it is important to equip yourself with the right tools and information so you can follow suit.

    This webinar provides an end-to-end overview of cloud database technologies on Microsoft Azure, architecture options, migration tools, and cost-plus business value considerations.

    To enable organisations to keep up with business competition, their processes and IT services need to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

    The on premise setup  lacks  the necessary features in the age of big data. They were created during a time when corporate databases were isolated islands of information with limited user bases. The modern databases are required to support a different set of applications and users by providing access to a single source of truth system of record for all the organisation’s business data.

    In this Modernise a Database in a Day webinar, Nordcloud data experts will teach you how to modernise your data estate to Microsoft Azure, so that information is universally available in real-time within the organisation across multiple platforms such as mainframes, the cloud, and distributed processing and analysis systems.


    Why could this be so valuable to your business?

    Extracting value from data

    We can help specifically identify opportunities to leverage Azure services to build data analytics solutions

    Enabling agile data

    We define a data governance model that works for your business, that enables us to build a technical foundation for agile, secure and efficient publishing and consumption of data

    Lower cost of data workloads

    We identify your more costly data workloads and modernize those to Azure SQL or other data services

    Fast time to value

    Fast and cost effective setup based on Nordcloud built automation

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