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Kubernetes Kickstarter Workshop for FSIs.

Kubernetes Kickstarter Workshop for FSIs.


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What is our kubernetes kickstarter workshop?

We’re offering FSI organisations a free one-to-one workshop with a Nordcloud Kubernetes expert to accelerate financial application modernisation in a cloud native manner, while still staying compliant with regulations in an agile way.

Why book a 1-2-1 workshop with us?


Cloud Readiness Assessment

We take you through a cloud readiness assessment, with focus on:

  • Business Drivers
  • Vision & Strategy
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Organisation
  • Processes

As a result getting an overview of your organisation’s cloud readiness and the challenges you are facing with.

Application Assessment

We use our time together with you to understand:

  • Your business applications and their goals.
  • Functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Identifying the best course of action to modernise the application.

Product Overview

We introduce you to two of our products which can be leveraged to modernise your applications to fit for their purpose:

  • Discussing containerisation options.
  • Introducing products, their benefits and challenge.

Feedback & Recommendations

As a result we provide recommendations and architectural direction to align with regulatory requirements, meet business expectations on your cloud journey:

  • Feedback related to Cloud readiness.
  • Identifying the best approach for application modernisation with containerisation.
  • Identifying the target platform.

Why could this be so valuable to your business?

Migrate to cloud

Less Mess

Unified operating model for all clusters.

Leveraging native services to build accessible, performant and consistent solutions.

Tried, tested, trusted solutions that leverage open-source software, enabling our customers to transform their businesses for the future.


With Agility

You can easily leverage data, build in containers, experiment, deploy and iterate in a safe and agile way.

This enables different business units to modernise at different paces in a well defined manner.

More Compliance

Complete, orchestrated framework for deploying containers in a cloud environment.

Reducing the complexity of Containerization, Kubernetes, and Microservices Architectures

Leveraging native services to govern and protect the environment.