Cost Savings on the Cloud.

How can you make up to 45% capacity savings without compromising key services?

High velocity cost reduction is now top of mind.

Organisations now face significant pressure to rapidly cut costs, however identifying and taking action against cost creep is a complex task

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What are the traditional pitfalls faced?


Unutilized resources being provisioned (e.g. test/dev workloads)


Suboptimal sizing of instances


Instance buying that doesn’t balance cost vs need

Nordcloud Cost Saving Solution

Nordcloud has a track record of helping enterprises kill waste and optimize costs of cloud resources utilising two options: Cost Consulting  allows the optimization of production environments through implementing the right-sizing a pricing models while Cost Cleanup enables you to optimize  test environments through waste management (elimination of unutilized workloads)

Control IT Spent

What are the key benefits of the solution?


Fast and cost effective setup based on Nordcloud built automation


Easily scalable and adjustable capacity to match the needs


Delivered by extensive team of cloud-native experts

How can we transform IT into a value driver?

We help you leverage the scalability, automation and availability of the public cloud. Not only does it help manage costs, but you get additional savings from operational efficiency and speed to market. Whether it’s migrating data centre, modernising applications or developing digital services – we help you maximise value.

Increase Value

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