Nordcloud recruitment process

Hiring Process.

Getting a job at Nordcloud.

The hiring process isn’t crazy long or difficult,
but we do take the time to make sure we’re a good fit.
Here’s how it works:

Let us know you’re interested

Find the vacancy, send us your CV or LinkedIn profile and show us any relevant supporting material (like a GitHub account, for example)

We have a virtual chat

You and a Nordcloud recruitment person. We chat about your background and what you’re looking for in a new role, and you can ask us all your burning questions

There’s a task

This depends on what you’re applying for, but lots of roles have one. For architects and devs, it’s a technical challenge. For non-techies, it could be a presentation or case study

You meet more potential colleagues

This chat includes other future colleagues, peers and stakeholders from Nordcloud. We use the task as the basis of discussion, going through your approach, skills and point of view

You meet even more people

This is where your prospective team leader sums up everything discussed so far, you ask any new questions and we agree on conditions

Signed, sealed and delivered

We make you a formal offer and welcome you onboard!


We help you hit the ground running.

When you rock up on your first day, you’re not lost floating around in the clouds. There’s a great onboarding process that gives you all the background you need on the company, your team and your colleagues across Nordcloud.
The global induction takes about a week, and you’ll chat to people from each bit of the business. These are actual chats with real-live people, not just recorded or written material you have to plough through (although you have access to resources like that, too). So if you’re in managed cloud, you still see what goes on in app dev. If you’re in marketing, you get insight into what cloud advisers are up to. We’re not a siloed company, and this gives you a high-level understanding of what everyone does so you have that multidisciplinary mindset going forward.

Then, you have an onboarding specific to your team and role. You get a checklist to go through, so you know what you have to do, when you have to do it and where to find information. It’s a smooth process, and at the end you feel confident, informed and ready to get stuck in.

A few burning questions.

Here are some common questions people ask during the hiring process.

Will interviews be face-to-face or virtual?

The first interview is usually via video call. Then, depending on where you are and where the interviewer is, an on-site interview might work. Right now, mainly due to coronavirus restrictions and how many remote candidates we have, most interviews are virtual.

When will I hear from you?

There’s nothing hard and fast on timings because it’s different for different roles. However, we try to move quickly because we’re growing fast and have lots of great projects that need great people.

Can I work from any country in the world?

Not any country in the world – it has to be in our 10 countries. There are lots of hybrid and remote opportunities within those countries, and for many roles you can work from anywhere in that country.

It’s worth noting that you can apply from anywhere, though – you don’t have to live in a Nordcloud country right now. There is the potential for relocation support.

Do you support relocation?

We do offer relocation support for some roles. Ask about this in your initial chat to see if it applies to your situation.

Do you help with visas or work permits?

We do in some situations. It’s best to ask about it early in the process so we can see if it applies to you.

Does Nordcloud offer internships?

No, we don’t. But we do offer lots of professional development, plus the Launchpad program.

Can I work part time?

Most of our roles are full-time. If it’s part-time, it’s indicated in the job description.

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