Cloud Tooling.

Enabling a better cloud experience through proprietary tools

The cloud experience is always better when its automated

The cloud journey needs to be fast to be effective.

Every day the volume of steps in the cloud increases. Organisations need to overcome this complexity to get the best out of their cloud deployments.

At Nordcloud we have created a set of proprietary tools which augment and embed into the tooling of the cloud native capabilities provided by the hyperscalers. Whether you want to auto backup your environments or autopatch them, Nordcloud has designed component tools which can be used to support your journey.


Our tools are natively design

We only build tools that can work within the cloud native ecosystem and sit well within cloud native deployments

Superior scalability

As our tools are cloud native and are embedded, they can autoscale to support your environment as it scales up and down 

We use what we develop

All of our tools are built into existing cloud journeys and are used as the foundation to run our business. We maintain the highest quality level through continuous improvement

What is it like to use tools within the cloud experience

Cloud tools are a critical enabler to drive speed and ease of use. Instead of having to spend hours patching environments it can be done in minutes. Instead of having to create a manual report of the environment performance, click a button and see your cloud transparently. In a nutshell tools empower your people to do more with the cloud.

How to get started with cloud tools

There are many tools on the market. Choosing the right ones and ensuring you continue to go forward with simplicity and ease is key. We believe businesses that are born in the cloud are better at making the tools that make a difference to your business.

Once chosen, a continuous learning approach is key. Getting the most out of your tool is what makes it valuable. At Nordcloud we will support and empower you to really get the value out of any tool we provide.


Upskilling: A Toolkit to Enable Cloud Success

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Download this free playbook for technology leaders developing a digital workforce, complete with tools, templates and hindsight recommendations from people who have been on the journey.

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