Cloud Migration in a Box

Your fast track to cloud value.

The easy, affordable package deal for mid-sized companies with 150-300 VMs.

The savvy approach
to cloud migration.

Cloud Migration in a Box is a package deal specially designed to reduce risks and speed up value.

You mitigate financial risk because there are minimal upfront costs (if any) – instead it’s spread out and incorporated into the monthly opex for managed services and capacity. 

You get value faster, because our managed services cloud engineers work alongside our cloud advisers and migration experts throughout the process, meaning there’s less of a transition period. 

We help you leverage AWS best practices with the Migration Acceleration Programme (MAP). Manage workloads and applications as they’re migrated, with real-time visibility on cloud spend and ongoing savings recommendations – so you quickly benefit from cloud’s cost and business benefits.

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The AWS Migration Acceleration Programme.

We’re experts in the AWS Migration Acceleration Programme, helping you benefit from stronger operational resilience and increased agility – fast.

With Nordcloud + MAP, you get a tried and tested cloud migration programme with:

Why Cloud Migration in a Box?

Reduced financial risk

Minimal upfront costs – migration costs are spread out and incorporated into the monthly opex for managed services and capacity. This gives you closer alignment between cost and value.


Faster value from cloud

Our managed services cloud engineers work alongside our migration experts throughout, so everything is in place for cloud enablement straightaway.


Ongoing savings and cost control

Lower capacity costs through real-time spend visibility and savings recommendations, so you can manage your budget efficiently.

Security & support

Migrated workloads go directly into fully secure 24/7 management with your same Nordcloud team. Support, optimisation and innovation cycles begin earlier in the migration lifecycle.

Speed. Value. Success.

Here’s a taste of how our approach delivers a fast track to cloud value.

Finnair Logo

Finnair achieved a complete data centre exit in just 7 months with hundreds of VMs and 20 applications.

SHL Logo

Delivering a successful data centre exit program with AWS across regions.

Cost Perform Logo - Black

Co-creating a Managed SaaS solution for a leading cost and business performance software company.

Why Nordcloud?

Simply put, Gartner recognises us as the leading cloud-native business in the industry.


Faster migration process compared with other providers


Cost savings routinely achieved for cloud migration customers


Public cloud implementations


Certified cloud experts

Let's talk cloud migration.

Why take on financial and operational risk when Nordcloud makes migration so easy? Contact us to find out if Cloud Migration in a Box is a good fit for your cloud ambitions and challenges.

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