Cloud Journey 2.0.

There’s a point with digital transformation, where IT faces major Day 2 challenges. From overworked teams and higher-than-expected costs to security concerns and stalled migrations – we help you overcome those challenges.

“We’re now in a strong position to evolve our technology stack in line with our transformation plan.”

Tomi Pienimaki, CDO, Finnair

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Let’s deal with your digital transformation growing pains.

Stressed IT teams. Lagging ROI. Growing backlogs. Technical debt and security vulnerabilities. There’s a whole list of common growing pains that come with the digital transformation process. And you don’t have to put up with them.

We help you diagnose the causes of Day 2 operational pain – and provide practical fixes that make a real difference to IT and the business.

So let’s make life easier for everyone (at a fraction of what you think it will cost).

Day 2 modernisation and migration.

Let’s deal with your end-of-life support risks, expensive licence costs and legacy on-prem workloads. We give you an efficient way to take cloudification to the next level, whether it’s modernising what you lifted and shifted or re-energising tricky migrations. 

And the proof is in our track record. For example, we recently helped one customer achieve €1 million in savings from an 8-month modernisation project. And another customer raved about our ability to help them ‘realise what we were told was an impossible vision.’ 

  • Tackle technical debt and leverage cloud-native solutions
  • Get results, no matter how complex your IT landscape or how tricky the integrations
  • Save money and increase value thanks to our quick work, cloud-native approach and automation expertise
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Increasing IT team capacity.

‘We can only support so many product teams at once – and we don’t have the people to send to every Monday stand-up.’ It’s such a common problem, and is a symptom that you need more automation.

We help you design a ‘built for agile’ IT support model supported by an automation platform. That way, you can escape the legacy delivery trap that creates friction between IT and product teams.

  • Enable a high degree of business self-service
  • Redefine team responsibilities, KPIs, staffing and service levels to align with the new, digitally transformed reality
  • Free up capacity by automating IT operations
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Cost management.

Licences haven’t been optimised, and it’s hard to get engineers to take action on cost saving opportunities. Dev systems are provisioned and running as pay-as-you-go, often including high-end configurations with too few controls to optimise costs.

If cloud is costing you more than you thought it would, don’t sit there watching the bills add up and budgets disappear. We help you refine your approach, so you save money on operations (through automation) and expenditure (through reservations, capacity planning and right-sizing).

  • Benchmark your savings potential so you know what you should be spending
  • Save more money by combining our FinOps and cloud-native expertise
  • Embed best practices so you save ongoing, not just as a one-off
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If you’ve lifted and shifted, you’ve imported technical debt. And that means thousands of items are likely not compliant with best-practice principles, causing security and vulnerability issues you don’t know about.

We’ll conduct a Well-Architected Review to identify opportunities for strengthening cloud foundations and overall security. Then, we’ll identify modernisations and optimisations to address priorities. And we’ll help you establish an industrialised way of handling remediation and optimisation so you can maintain a more robust security posture ongoing. 

  • Improve security posture across identities, infrastructure, workloads and data
  • Remove uncertainty with by gaining clarity on vulnerabilities and how to address them
  • Save money on security management (while boosting agility)
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Cloud Centre of Excellence.

Your Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE) is supposed to help empower cloud use across the organisation. But what happens when they can only focus on keeping the lights on, can’t scale, don’t have enough budget and lack clarity what internal and partner teams should be handling?

We help you re-orient your CCoE from firefighter to value driver, embedding governance, automation and tangible performance measurement that aligns with the wider business and digital strategies. 

  • Benchmark your current CCoE set-up, maturity and tooling against best practices and our asset library
  • Reduce reliance on the CCoE with self-service + guardrails
  • Refine a governance framework that gives people control
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If operations feel more ‘click-click’ ops than infrastructure as code, you’ve probably hit an automation wall. Often organisations successfully automate 70-80%, but the remaining 20-30% remains stuck in a 2-week human process.

We help you close that gap, enabling self-service from request to managed services provisioning. 

  • Get quick wins with an iterative approach 
  • Organise for success with best-practice processes, policies and KPIs
  • Overcome partner-related barriers (for those that may not support key automated elements)
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Upskilling and cultural change.

We help you reinvigorate enthusiasm for cloud, enabling people to fully utilise hyperscaler  tech and features. From building cloud skills to embedding DevOps, our training and mentoring programmes help boost engagement, reduce time and resource spent managing tech stacks, and get people excited about using new tools.

As a result, you have happier colleagues, your teams develop new capabilities and you have a stronger foundation for getting new products and services to market quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Boost satisfaction with how cloud is scaling
  • Reduce dependency on partners
  • Win hearts and minds for using new tech and ways of working
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Be stronger, fitter and faster with digital transformation.

People say working with us is like having a compass for their cloud journey. You have cloud-native experts guiding best practice, pre-empting pitfalls and helping you achieve better, faster results.


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Cloud Cloud
T-Mobile Poland
Nordcloud’s agility exceeded expectations. They truly showed us how we can use public cloud to reduce time-to-market as we develop our digital portfolio.
Sebastian Szaraniec
Leader of Cloud Tribe
The Nordcloud team is very supportive in engaging the wider business. At every level, they are professional, transparent, and extremely competent. This helps build trust, which contributed real value throughout the project. Combined with the commitment and energy they brought to the delivery, we continued pushing the ambition of the project and went beyond what we thought possible. This of course meant we built a strong solution, but also changed the way we work with partners.
Giovanni Franzese
Head of Blockchain
Porsche Informatik
With Nordcloud we have found a partner who accompanies us on our cloud journey in an agile, professional and unbureaucratic way.
Günter Schulmeister
Public Cloud Architect
Vitesco Technologies
We were facing strict deadlines and shifting priorities. We needed an agile partner who could keep pace with our unique business and IT needs. We needed knowledge transfer to our internal teams as service adoption scaled. Nordcloud drove the build in the most collaborative way across our cloud and on-premises requirements.
Danilo Schmiedel
Head of Cloud and Data Centre Services
The business is saving a very significant amount of money on capacity, licences and managed services. We now have a very agile approach to using and delivering services, alongside KPIs to measure our applications.
Tiina Flyström
Vice President – Common Platforms
We needed a cloud-native partner to help us get the best out of the cloud and deliver the benefits we were looking for. Nordcloud is that partner.
Markus Marksteiner
Head of Group Technology Solutions
Volkswagen Data:Lab
Customer support in onboarding is outstanding. It is a role model.
Hector Valverde
Solution Architect
Raiffeisen Bank International
Nordcloud was an essential partner in building RBI’s Data Lake platform, and without their experience, this journey would not have been possible.
Philipp Pfneisl
Delivery Lead
Van Oord
The Nordcloud team collaborated very well with us across the board. They synced well not only with our cloud teams, but wider units like the network connectivity team who host part of our infrastructure. Their efforts to truly collaborate built a lot of trust.
Patrick Spierings
Manager – Digital Technology
NHS England
Cooperation, upskilling and best-practice sharing are built into the fabric of our partnership. As a result, the resources, frameworks, tools and guardrails are bringing coherence and structure to cloud journeys across the NHS.
Neil Gibbs
Cloud Engagement Service Lead
Major Dutch Retailer
The Nordcloud culture was the perfect match for our IT team. The cloud-native, get-things-done approach Nordcloud brings to the table is exactly what we needed.
Manager – Enterprise Architecture
Infrastructure and Platforms
Veolia Energia Polska
The cloud cost management tool has been a game-changer for our business. The support provided by Nordcloud was excellent. Their team goes above and beyond to ensure we have a seamless experience, helping us optimise costs and maximise efficiency in our usage. It’s great having this experienced, dedicated cloud partner in our corner to help guide us.
Alicja Rybczyńska
Distribution Innovation
The Nordcloud team worked quickly and to the point, and were able to anticipate our needs incredibly well. They take their customers seriously in all aspects of their relationship and are eager to put specific experts on specific aspects of the job. This meant flexibility, speed and accuracy with each stage of delivery.
Terje Ramstad Johansen
Head of Cloud
We’re now delivering a microservice in weeks, where it used to take months.
Jens Greiner
Global Manager – Digital Solutions
Nordcloud worked closely with our in-house engineers to migrate our application infrastructure to the cloud. Our challenges included the size of the environment, many VMs and some very large databases. This would normally mean a week of downtime, but, because of Nordcloud’s expertise, we were able to move these servers across in a controlled and timely manner, meaning only one weekend of downtime.
Russ Phillips
Head of Technology & Security – Global IT
We chose Microsoft Azure as the leading player in cloud. And Nordcloud became the clear choice as our preferred our cloud partner with their experts, cloud-native skillset and proactive customer approach. Plus their awarded partnership with Microsoft and direct relationship with Microsoft's top management make them an excellent partner.
Timo Pantsari
We wanted to engage teams across the business and get them excited about this transition to new ways of working and best practices. The partnership forged with Nordcloud has been so valuable in this, with their flexibility, knowledge and support.
Director of Software Engineering
@ Global Biotechnology Company

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