• Customer Engagement Company Name – The external company worked with

Tacton is a software provider that enables smart commerce for manufacturers. The company creates solutions for manufacturers that help them streamline their operations and serve customers more effectively. With over 20 years of experience and operations across the world, Tacton is a pioneer in applying AI to solve industry challenges.

• Problem Statement/Definition – What problem or challenge was the customer facing that required external help from the partner

Tacton started using AWS in order to remain at the forefront of its field. The company also wanted to shift resources that were held up in operational and maintenance tasks to instead focus on architecting and developing the service further. Using AWS services in combination with Nordcloud’s Managed Services, Tacton could continue to focus on developing their services while at the same time ensure service stability and performance.

• What AWS services were used as part of the solution • Ensure usage of the correct AWS Service and Product names https://aws.amazon.com/products/

Tacton was given a managed cloud offering that consists of incident management, patching and a cloud architect on demand for their AWS environment. The Nordcloud team monitors and acts upon Tacton’s alarms and incidents, while also performing preventive operational activities to ensure problems will not occur in the first place.

• Metrics for Success – The data used to validate customer engagement was successfully deployed and implemented

SLA is a metric used to measure Nordcloud’s Managed Service. Throughout the past year Nordcloud hasn’t missed a SLA metric with Tacton, which very much contributes to customer satisfaction.

• Lessons learned/ Outcomes – From the customer engagement, what was learned to better future engagements or company practices

Nordcloud has acted as Tacton’s cloud partner for several years. Most crucially, this partnership has allowed Tacton to maintain its level of service toward industry customers and being able to continue to focus on developing their services further.