The Challenge

BOB had highlighted a need to migrate their IT infrastructure to gain the benefits of the cloud. The main drivers behind this were the wish for increased flexibility, scalability, and ease of IT management, along with reduced maintenance time and costs. BOB highlighted AWS as the platform upon which to build their infrastructure, and after attending an AWS training session in Stockholm run by Nordcloud, they had found their partner for migrating to the cloud.


The Solution

Nordcloud hosted a workshop at BOB to develop a roadmap of how to migrate their infrastructure and services to AWS. Nordcloud defined the AWS architecture meeting BOB’s needs using EC2, S3, Glacier, VPC, Route53 and SES. Nordcloud performed the migration and delivered a turn-key solution and relevant training to BOB.


The Results

BOB was able to start moving its IT infrastructure to the cloud smoothly and easily with plans to have migrated fully within a 1.5 year timeframe, eliminating the need for any local service. BOB saved 30% on server and data centre maintenance. Now that their SMTP Server has now been moved to SES, it doesn’t need any maintenance at all. Backups are much cheaper now through the cloud rather than saving locally on hardware and security has also increased.


About the company

BOB BBL is the third largest housing company in the country. They have 150 employees and have offices in central Bergen and are represented by regional offices in Førde. We have more than 75 years of experience in building, developing and operating good residential communities, and currently have nearly 70,000 members and manage close to 24,000 homes.