The Challenge

MCB Finance is a leading online provider of consumer loans to customers in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Australia, operating under the brands Credit24 and Sving. As an international business delivering in excess of €95 million of loan principal during 2014 for over 750,000 customers, MCB Finance wanted to migrate their IT infrastructures to harness the power of the cloud


The Solution

MCB Finance started their move to the cloud fully from scratch using AWS. Due to their areas of operation and number of customers, MCB Finance needed an infrastructure and data centre that was capable of delivering smooth operations with the ability to test and deploy new features on a regular basis. MCB Finance used EC2 for resizable and scalable compute capacity, RDS for database management with cost-efficient and resizable capacity, and VPC to create a virtual network. Once the infrastructure had been migrated and optimised, they required managed services to run their cloud.


The Resutls

After three years on AWS, MCB Finance have enjoyed incident-free operations whilst being able to constantly deploy new features. Having provided log management and continuous services, focus is now turning to a more wholistic managed cloud services focussing on up to 24/7 monitoring and support, patching, and security penetration testing.