The Challenge

Veikkaus Oy is the Finnish national betting agency. It is owned by the Finnish state, and has an exclusive betting license in Finland. Veikkaus games are estimated to generate nearly one billion euros a year. The revenue is used for the benefit of Finnish society. Veikkaus’ beneficiaries are active in the fields of culture, sports, science, youth work, social welfare and health, and the equine industry.

Their AWS usage had increased over time and the current needs had outgrown the initial limits. The deployment was automated and the next step was to fully automate the infrastructure to enable easy duplication and maintenance. There is a need to increase usage even further.


The Solution

Together with Veikkaus’ experts, we built a fully automated AWS infrastructure, secure secrets management, dockerized services, and rewrote services to utilize AWS services when possible. The infrastructure scales according to usage and provides the content.


The Results

During the project, we’ve been able to contribute in the following areas: infrastructure tooling and implementation, secure secrets management design and implementation, Dockerization and running in ECS, and AWS managed service usage design and implementation. The end result was a fully automated AWS infrastructure.


About the company

Veikkaus is a Finnish betting office, fully owned by the government and has an exclusive legal betting license on lotteries and sports betting in Finland. Veikkaus is the biggest e-commerce business in Finland with sales over 900 million euros