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Project Summary.

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The client.

Yenlo is a leading global integration specialist in API management, integration technology and identity management. It’s known for a strong focus on cloud-based and on-premises iPaaS solutions. Yenlo is the only globally operating Platinum Partner of WSO2, as well as specialising in other technologies such as Boomi, InterSystems, Azure Integration Services, Mulesoft, AWS and Connext.

Project background.

Before moving cloud native, in order to configure new customer environments, Yenlo installed WSO2 products, such as the WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus and WSO2 Identity Server. This was delivered in virtual machines on-premise, and in the cloud for every new customer.

The installations used some host-level automation with Ansible playbooks, but these were run manually and often customized to match the customer environment. As a consequence, each new customer environment set up, took on average 25 days of resourcing.


In 2018 Yenlo introduced theConnext Platform, a 24/7 private and managed Middleware-as-a-Service, also called Managed WSO2 Cloud. The platform enables customers to implement their digital transformation strategy based on APIs and integrations, without having to worry about the underlying middleware infrastructure. 

Yenlo needed to reduce the resources needed for the setup of a new WSO2 middleware customer environment, and needed an expert partner to automate and normalize the setup of a cloud-based WSO2 stack. A fully automated  delivery and a managed single-tenant Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) approach was key.

Digital Transformation is all about being agile and flexible. IT must truly bring added value to the business and should not be a constraint.

Ruben van der Zwan

CEO and Founder; Yenlo

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Holistic Solution

Nordcloud co-invested in the solution and took a holistic approach to the problem. Since the requirements were a single-tenant PaaS with multiple environments for DTAP,  Nordcloud decided to use AWS Organizations, where each end customer gets a OU with a production and non-production AWS account in it.

Nordcloud Provisioner

To manage the organization, Nordcloud’s AWS Provisioner® tool was used. The Provisioner is a serverless application capable of managing AWS configuration with cloud formation and accounts vending at scale.

For the backups, Nordcloud’s own developed services called Auto Backup was used. Auto Backup is a scheduler that connects via AWS APIs and backup a number of different services according to RPO/RTO tags.

Months to Hours

The actual workloads are provisioned and updated via AWS  CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy and AWS CloudFormation. Nordcloud and Yenlo invested together in this iPaaS solution.

Nordcloud set up the automation with the use of some of their serverless applications and then Yenlo takes responsibility for the 24/7 Managed WSO2 Cloud and the customized billing and cost optimization.

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With just a few input parameters such as network configuration, Yenlo is now able to setup a new completely segregated customer environment including hybrid connectivity in a few hours.  Once the environment is setup, the Yenlo team is able to manage the software lifecycle in a fully automated way.

To save costs, all the compute components are autoscaling with the baseline using reserved Instances on 3-year full upfront contract. The flexibility of the environment makes rightsizing and machine generation simple.

The Connext Platform is an entirely new way for Yenlo to execute global business that was not possible before the all-in cloud adoption before.

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