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The Challenge.

Space Nation is a Finnish start-up aimed at encouraging public participation in the burgeoning commercial space industry. After being renamed and rebranded, its website experienced a surge of 30 million monthly visitors and couldn’t keep up. Not only was the company’s web presence technologically inadequate, it also didn’t reflect how Space Nation wanted to be perceived.

Space Nation needed a new website that could handle their new goals: a massive increase in user numbers, top-of-the-line visual design, content that could be constantly updated and expanded, the ability to stream videos and the ability to promote mobile apps.

Its developers also needed flexibility to respond to changes with very little warning, as the Space Nation brand and vision was going through last-minute tweaks.

The Solution.

Nordcloud’s solution was to create a modular and reusable website that could respond to Space Nation’s changing needs quickly. 

We chose the WordPress platform hosted by Wpengine as the technological solution, so there would be very little maintenance and the system could scale to match the user count. Using our Design Systems principles, we were able to get the first version of the website out in just a couple of weeks. 

As Space Nation’s brand and target group became more defined, we were then able to respond to changing needs with ease thanks to our modular design. 

The Results.

Space Nation considers the project a success. Our solution laid the groundwork for them to continue updating their web presence to reflect the changing nature of their business. Iikka Winter and Anni Muukkonen from Space Nation gave our web development team top marks, especially regarding our agility given the changing focus and vision. 

In addition to building the actual website, our team also helped create one of Space Nation’s main products: their web-based journal Space Nation Orbit.

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