Gamifying an online lottery ticket


Roboom! For Veikkaus






Gamifying an online lottery ticket

The Challenge

Veikkaus had an abstract idea for a game. Their hope was to have a visually exciting lottery ticket with a casual game-play and a clear concept. The precondition for the game was that it should have explosions. Indeed, Veikkaus had initially drafted a concept of exploding balls. “We weren’t quite sure about the ball idea but we couldn’t blow up people either. When talking to Nordcloud the concept quickly developed into exploding robots, which we liked” says Harri Järvinen, Product Group Manager at Veikkaus.

Earlier, Nordcloud had built three lottery tickets to Veikkaus; Flaxi, Ka-Ching! and Mayan Aarre. The results of these tickets were solid. “We knew that Nordcloud could deliver quality code, stunning visuals and html5-animations. We trusted that Nordcloud would honor their promise and deliver a quality Robot game”, Harri Järvinen.

The Solution

The goal was to create a gamified lottery ticket, which was visually different and had a sound algorithm with a maximized random-factor. In addition, the top priority was to simultaneously add excitement, thrill and game-like suspense.

The first thing we started building was the theme, story, visuals, and animations, which was done in collaboration with Veikkaus. In parallel, we created a simple prototype that allowed us to test the algorithm. With quick iterations and active co-operation we were able to quickly combine all the game elements and started adding the effects and fine-tuning other gaming features.

At launch RoBoom was an instant success! With its combination of visual effects, explosive action and gameplay it took the online lottery ticket level to a whole new one. Today RoBoom continues to be one of the most successful lottery tickets and is currently a top 5 game of over 40 e-lottery tickets issued by Veikkaus.

The Results

“The result was much more than we expected, I guess it’s no surprise that it found a player profile of young men, a very interesting target group for Veikkaus.”

— Harri Järvinen, Veikkaus Oy


About the company

Veikkaus is a Finnish betting office, fully owned by the government and has an exclusive legal betting license on lotteries and sports betting in Finland. Veikkaus is the biggest e-commerce business in Finland with sales over 900 million euros

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