Mobile first payment services provider.

Introducing access to digital payments for millions of people

The Challenge.

Our customer was entering a greenfield business opportunity to provide virtual credit cards for a target market where the availability of credit cards has been traditionally limited. Together with the partnering global payment infrastructure providers they wanted to enable millions of persons living in the region to e.g. access modern digital consumer services that require a credit card number for access.

In order to build and launch the service the customer aimed to utilise blockchain as a modern way to approach the security and compliance requirements. The service also required an architectural approach that supports efficient and agile development process, can serve even sudden peak demand reliably and aligns the operating costs with their business growth in real time.

The Solution.

Nordcloud entered the project to design and implement, together with the customer’s business and technical stakeholders, a solid AWS-based cloud native architecture to meet their ambitious needs for scalability and robustness.

The application maximized the use of serverless components and managed cloud services, featured GraphQL interfaces and also included a container platform for integrating with the blockchain network. The solution was designed to be easy to integrate with a number of supporting services, such as various credit card and banking system APIs, while also serving the needs of a mobile application acting as the primary user interface.

Our customer and Nordcloud formed one mutual, tightly integrated team with agile mindset and frequent, transparent communication culture. Early-on flagging and mitigation of the various risks and unknowns inherent to this pioneering project was crucial when building the solution to meet the initial launch schedule.

The Results.

Powered-up by Nordcloud’s expertise, our customer launched the service for piloting in the first market successfully. Thanks to the cutting-edge cloud native architecture and early-on risk mitigation especially related to the blockchain integration, the solution now reliably serves their customers end-to-end and enables the company to develop their business into new markets and offerings.

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