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Major European manufacturing company.

Enabling SaaS transformation, client team cloud training, Application Development and Managed Cloud for a major European manufacturing company.

  • Accelerated cloud-native development
  • Ensured operational excellence through SaaS transformation
  • Unleashed cloud potential

Project Summary.

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The Challenge.

Today’s digital business opportunities are moving fast. Facilitating that requires fast and predictable development cycles for the core software systems. Our European manufacturing customer had several proprietary software libraries that they had traditionally shipped as part of various desktop applications for their customers. Keeping bundled code up to date for multiple customers can become a difficult task under these circumstances.

To streamline the development of their digital offerings they recognised the need to shift towards a SaaS (Software as a Service) based solutions. That would enable a more modular and flexible way to develop and make these functionalities, make them accessible from a broader range of applications and platforms, and also protect their proprietary code from leaking.

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The Solution.

Norcloud’s role was to enable this SaaS transformation by creating together with the customer’s development team first a reference implementation of a cloud-native serverless application service, and then several more services utilising the reference architecture. Each service would wrap one or more of the proprietary libraries, integrate them with cloud-native services (e.g. AWS DynamoDB), and provide a REST API for access.

We also set up the needed cloud infrastructure and cloud components required to operate the services. After the implementation phase, the customer also chose to operate the system with Nordcloud’s Managed Cloud services.

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The Results.

Powered-up by Nordcloud’s expertise, our customer has managed to build a suite of cloud-native application services that are highly scalable and accessible globally from various systems. Learning by working in close collaboration with Nordcloud they are also increasingly capable to develop and deploy new services by their in-house team.

Our Managed Cloud team is continuously ensuring the operational quality of their end customer facing services. With the foundations in place to develop and operate their SaaS offerings they are able to meet new customer demand and business opportunities promptly and reliably.

They needed a partner with experience and expertise on building cloud-native solutions. They are now able to leverage public cloud more instead of being limited by on-premise infrastructure and its related issues.

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