Azure cloud migration success story


Building a multi-cloud Infrastructure as Code (IaC) platform and boosting delivery speed on AWS and Azure.

  • Speed
    Introduced automation tooling and agile processes to increase deployment frequency and consistency.
  • Scalability
    Developed scalable cloud infrastructure to enable multiple environments.
  • Cloud-native
    Empowered the organisation with a cloud-native, solid basis for further requirements, based on Nordcloud standards.

Project Summary.

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Client industry:
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The challenge.

With upcoming requirements in mind for its largest client, ITSV sought cooperation to advance the use of cloud technology to increase the speed, agility and flexibility of their client-facing services.

High standards

Preparing a cloud foundation and having high standards in performance and security, ITSV was looking for a specialised partner with experience in deploying cloud services.

Anticipatory base for new client-oriented services

As ITSV’s clients started to consider the need to power new AI services, ITSV GmbH wanted to meet this anticipated demand with a solid cloud foundation.

With Nordcloud, we’ve found a partner to accompany us on our cloud journey in an agile, professional and unbureaucratic way.
With Nordcloud as a partner, I’m looking forward to further developing our cloud foundation and scaling it to our broad areas of application.

Leo Ribak

Cloud Team Lead, ITSV

Solution design.

Nordcloud experts formed a strong collaborative team with ITSV, AWS and Azure.

The team focused on using Terraform for both AWS and Azure to unify automations and flatten the learning curve. Special consideration was taken around inter-cloud networking and on-premises connectivity.

Cloud architecture.

Nordcloud implemented an AWS and Azure foundation based on Nordcloud and hyperscaler best practices. Automation via Terraform and DevOps processes were established.


The AWS and Azure environment must conform to the existing security regulations of the on-premise data centers.

The team has implemented crucial network security components to keep application traffic private and control ingress and egress.

Application portability.

To have the flexibility of running applications in AWS, Azure and on-premises, the team has focused on extending ITSV’s Red Hat OpenShift environment into the cloud.

Governance rules will determine where applications will be deployed.

The Nordcloud team is very supportive in engaging the wider business. At every level, they are professional, transparent, and extremely competent.
This helps build trust, which contributed real value throughout the project.

Leo Ribak

Cloud Team Lead, ITSV

Adopting automation.

Introducing automation was a major win – not only in the success of this project, but in enabling ITSV’s future cloud deliveries. This would maximise delivery speed, decrease risk of system failure and enable agile, on-demand delivery.

Adopting automation

Infrastructure as Code.

Elimination of manual processes by moving to full automation with Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

In addition, Nordcloud provided a comprehensive knowledge transfer to ITSV during the implementation.

GitOps practices.

The team also introduced GitOps practices and tools for continuous deployments of the AWS and Azure platforms, using industry standard products like Terraform and Red Hat OpenShift.

DevOps adoption.

Nordcloud enabled development teams across the program to adopt DevOps practices, automating deployments and shifting security controls left. This drives change on an organisational level to establish DevOps teams and introducing agile ways of working.


The Nordcloud team contributed to developing the solution – designing and implementing the cloud architecture including infrastructure, security and automation.

The team also introduced adaptability in architecture and technology. This is valuable when developing a greenfield solution such as this, when new challenges arise and more suitable solutions may need to be considered.

A truly cloud-native approach provides the agility to adopt newly emerging technologies.

Built on a strong technical foundation, ITSV has already implemented first AI solutions and now plans to accelerate cloud adoption.

Key results.

Governance & Processes

30+ people from different departments forming a virtual cloud team.

DevOps & GitOps adoption

50+ Terraform stacks enabling multiple deployments per day.

Adopting automation

Speed of releases

100% automation of the AWS and Azure platform following industry best practices.

Transformed delivery

Challenged previous methods and established lean ways of working, driving transformation beyond the program.

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