Building a sales channel for HappyorNot








Building a sales channel for HappyorNot

The Challenge

Taking the world by smileys. HappyOrNot is a global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting. Their innovative feedback service is being used in 70 countries.

When a company hits a point where sales are booming, a logical next step is an e-commerce solution for self-service. HappyOrNot saw interesting potential in testing new digital sales channels within its direct sales market (Finland) but was not sure of its success. For most countries HappyOrNot had resellers and so a webshop was not an urgent need.

Our job was to set up a web store with minimal technological investment and as little added workload on employees as possible.


The Solution

When creating a new service, you have three options: a tailored application, integrating a ready-made solution, and something in between. The ready-made solution is often used because it feels risk-free and cheaper than tailoring, however, there are always hidden costs in integration work. When those costs materialize the end-results will feel like a compromise.

Nordcloud Solutions decided to solve the problem with Amazon’s cloud solutions. HappyOrNot had a website and CRM system which needed to be linked with an efficient and tailored sales funnel. With Amazon’s cloud we were able to avoid licensed infra investments and focus on the essential: a smart customer experience. Cloud solutions also provide HappyOrNot with a scalability advantage – when requests to the web store increase so does the infra capacity. Turning things around; if there are no peaks in requests the infra costs remain low and you only pay for what you use.


The Results

The result was a maintenance free web site built with AWS serverless technologies, embedded into WordPress and integrated to both Salesforce CRM and credit card payment. When infra is built on Amazon’s cloud modules, the development investment is allocated on things for that end user’s value; user experience.

In addition, when building new digital services, one of the main goals should be to get the service launched to real users as fast as possible. Cloud solutions allow you to do exactly that and make it possible for you to learn from your end-users and improve your service accordingly. HappyOrNot was able to change webshop pricing, vouchers etc. parameters in almost real time from its backend CRM system without any additional development. Finally, the unfinished web shop sessions were automatically captured to the CRM systems for convenient contacting.


About the company

Taking the world by smileys. HappyOrNot is a global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting. Their innovative feedback service is being used in 70 countries.

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