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Streamlining and robusting construction projects by real-time data

The Challenge.

Our customer wanted to increase the quality, transparency and efficiency of their end customers’ industrial and consumer construction projects. Specialising in measurements, they decided to build a digital service for real-time monitoring of the raw materials used in the construction process. This introduces valuable insight and automation for conducting the construction projects, based on remotely and continuously accessible real-time data.

In order to succeed in this, our customer chose to leverage the managed IoT services from the public cloud platforms, in specific AWS. They also found it important to follow the modern best practices of software engineering aiming for fast and focused value creation, high quality and ability to quickly accommodate changes due to evolving business requirements and feedback from the field.

Our customer selected to partner with Nordcloud thanks to our expertise in delivering cloud native IoT solutions, among a broad range of services all they way from service design to operating live production systems.

The Solution.

The project was started with a design phase where the stakeholders aimed to deepen their understanding of the project, domain and engineering challenges. The team designed a modular solution architecture while also specifying the initial interface between the measurement devices that were being developed in parallel. In order to ensure rapid progression into the upcoming implementation phase, the core cloud infrastructure and DevOps capabilities were also already set up. End-to-end prototypes were developed to validate the viability of the approach and mitigate technical risks early-on.

Following the successful design phase the team continued to implement the service for piloting together with selected end customers. As a result of this phase, the service will feature the core functionality required for onboarding and serving the customers and attaching new measurement points dynamically. The solution consists of pre-production measurement devices integrated with the cloud native data platform along with a web application facilitating the end user interaction and data access.

Moving on from piloting to production, the solution will be developed further according to the customer feedback, experiences from the field and refined business goals.

The Results.

Powered-up by Nordcloud’s expertise our customer was able to plan and conduct the project by slicing it into manageable phases. Nordcloud helped them to deliver robust cloud-based data and application architecture, design and deliver the measurement device integration and set up modern DevOps pipeline and practices in AWS. Rapid and robust release cycles equals to the ability to respond to new business opportunities and customer demand quickly and efficiently.

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