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Enabling growth and releasing key resources to focus on Digital Goodie’s core business.

The Challenge

Digital Goodie’s dream is to make buying food as easy as possible whilst helping grocery retailers grow their business online.

Since launching the on-demand platform, Digital Goodie quickly encountered the positive challenge of rapid growth. They recognised the importance of user experience, continuous service development and scalability, and thus focus heavily on product development. The rapid business expansion has resulted in Digital Goodie having a heavily growing infrastructure managed for its customers on AWS. While Digital Goodie has in-house AWS expertise, they felt that the increasing demands for infrastructure management diverged their attention from the core business. As a result, Digital Goodie reached out to Nordcloud.

The Solution

Nordcloud on-boarded Digital Goodie to the core of our Managed Cloud portfolio. With the help of the industry-leading monitoring solution from Nordcloud’s partner, Datadog, the status of Digital Goodie’s infrastructure is managed 24/7 and service availability is brought to the public cloud era. Nordcloud also provides incident response with a 30-minute response time based on alerts from the monitoring service. Nordcloud also provides backups and operating system patching as a part of the solution.

The Results

Digital Goodie has been able to release several critical resources back to the software development process, which is core to their business expansion and value creation. What has also been important to Digital Goodie is that their Software Developers no longer have to be on-call during their out of office hours; an element increasing employee satisfaction and focus at Digital Goodie.

As Digital Goodie’s business and AWS implementation continues to grow, Nordcloud will add a dedicated Service Delivery Manager to the service portfolio to proactively optimise and improve Digital Goodie’s infrastructure solution. Nordcloud will also improve Digital Goodie’s infrastructure resilience by introducing further security elements from its current partners’ offerings.

By utilizing Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) global reach we have managed to scale our business rapidly into new markets. We’re excited to have Nordcloud as our managed services partner. We are facing exponential growth in Connected Commerce and partnering with Nordcloud helps us focus, develop and scale our core product, while at the same time we can be confident that our customer’s services on the AWS platform are supported and maintained 24/7 by the leading professionals in the field.-Kalle Koutajoki, CEO, Digital Goodie Oy


About the company

Digital Goodie’s dream is to make buying food as easy as possible whilst helping grocery retailers grow their business online. The company was founded in 2009 and has built a highly scalable on-demand cloud platform to bring grocery stores into Connected Commerce. Digital Goodie operates worldwide with more than 1300 stores on the platform and has won awards for the Best User Experience in 2015, Best Online Store of the Year in 2013, and Comet of the Year in 2012.

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