Leveraging modernisation and automation to harness benefits of cloud without having to rebuild.

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CostPerform is a Dutch cost and performance management software company.

CostPerform’s software provides businesses with cost allocation and analysis tools that enable actionable insights for informed decision-making. CostPerform approached Nordcloud to help them modernise their software to a SaaS model on AWS and drive agile customer solutions.


A market moving towards SaaS and cloud

CostPerform wanted to provide their customers a flexible subscription model to help them find the answers to their cost and performance questions faster and more conveniently. 

Access to cloud benefits without fully rebuilding

CostPerform wanted to enjoy the agility cloud can bring ISVs, with its auto-scalability and pipelines taking care of heavy lifting within their application, but they needed this solution to be cost-effective and resource-efficient. 

Need for cloud native expertise to guide modernisation

CostPerform were looking to leverage the automation cloud provides to enable strong security and better speed when it comes to getting customers onboarded and responding to customer needs.


An agile user experience

Customers can now onboard to CostPerform’s SaaS offering in 2 days without having to wait for IT departments to install the software.

Full control over their infrastructure

CostPerform’s new Managed SaaS solution helps them stay competitive in a market moving toward SaaS and cloud.

Ongoing cloud native support

As well as supporting with new features and updates, Nordcloud's automations follow cloud best practices and continue to provide CostPerform with AWS benefits in a cost-effective way.


CostPerform can now harness cloud benefits by modernising without having to rebuild. With the new SaaS offering live in 9 months, Nordcloud moved CostPerform to AWS securely and at speed.

Customers can now purchase the SaaS subscription, onboard and start using CostPerform within 2 days. Plus, as part of Nordcloud’s Managed SaaS offering, 2 new features have already been added, enabling data warehousing and whitelisting capabilities. With cloud-native expertise guiding their new business model, CostPerform is delivering customer solutions on cloud, on their terms.

“Nordcloud was able to show us it was possible to move CostPerform to cloud without a major rewrite – and that turned out to be true.

Choosing a SaaS model allowed us to take control of our infrastructure. Without IT departments having to install our software, we could take matters into our own hands and meet our customers’ needs better and faster.”

Director, CostPerform


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