Q: How will the training be organised?
A: This is a combination of remote and classroom trainings held at our offices: Main training sites are Finland, Helsinki and Poland, Poznan. All travels to training site will be paid by Nordcloud. From the 6 weeks training program weeks 1 and 5 are weeks where everyone comes to same training site, weeks 2,3,4,6 are arranged remotely from your local Nordcloud office.

Q: Could you provide an agenda for the training?
A: You can find the time schedule for the Talent Acceleration program here.

Q: Please provide me more info about terms of contract for the training and the job
A: Work contracts will be done before the training starts and the contract will start from first training day, with a trial time based on local standards. Also condition will be added that if you leave the company under one year after signing you need to pay the course fees back to the company.

Q: I’m currently living in Poland near Katowice and I’m curious if the relocation will be required, or will it be possible to attending in the training online?
A: No relocation is required due to Talent Acceleration program part, as it will be held remotely/”fly in” style. What comes to your current location related to the local Nordcloud office, is something that needs to be considered separately.

Q: A question about the work at Nordcloud in the future, when the training will be finished, will it be possible to do it online or only relocation will be considered?
A: What comes to your current location related to the local Nordcloud office, is something that needs to be considered separately. However, in general we are flexible for remote work, as long as you can visit the customers/office as needed basis. It will not be a full remote role!!

Q: Is the training acting like a bootcamp where I sign a job agreement along with monthly salary?
A: Yes, if you get selected to the programme, you will be offered a work contract from day 1, and you start getting salary from day-1. After the boot camp training you are expected to start working with customer projects as a Cloud Engineer or Cloud Developer in your local automation or development team.

Q: Is it feasible for working people to join Nordcloud Talent Acceleration course?
A: YES. We are specifically looking for people who are working at the moment and would like to change their career path and direction to cloud technologies. This would obviously mean you would need to resign from your current work and do a new contract with Nordcloud. You should start off by filling in our application (see below).

Q: I am interested in getting involved in cloud technologies and interested in applying NORDCLOUD. I think I am more interested in being a Cloud Engineer, however I am not sure which one of the two positions suits me better. Could you please elaborate more on the positions, job descriptions, assignments and responsibilities of the project?
A: Cloud Engineer track is for people who have experienced on maintaining/implementing/designing system infrastructures e.g. building servers, writing server automation scripts etc. Cloud Engineer work would continue on this kind of responsibilities where the “cloud enabled” Cloud Engineer is working with infrastructure as code, where customers infra is build and automated in public cloud using AWS technologies and services like CloudFormation (infrastructure as a code). Cloud Developer track is for people who have development background and efficiency on some programming language, like you have on JavaEE. Cloud Developers might develop serverless application solutions using services like AWS Lambda and Front End is hosted for example in AWS S3 bucket, where client side code (React) is stored and client is calling AWS Lambdas for any back end services it needs. Just as an example.

Both tracks are going through lot of AWS services and utilising those, but whereas on Cloud Engineer track scripting knowledge is important mainly for CloudFormation where infrastructure is described as YAML or JSON templates, in Cloud Developer track programming experience is crucial since your going to learn modern application development e.g. using Node.js as back end, React as front end and all Javascript code is expected to follow the best practices from latest ECMAScript standards.

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