Engineering Practice Lead

Munich, Germany

Engineering Practice Lead

The engineering lead role in the delivery organization ensures that we have the fullest possible focus on our technical experts and their personal and professional development within Nordcloud. This happens through: 

  • Coaching on the soft skills 
  • Technical Upskilling on market-relevant technology and cloud 
  • Alignment with our internal best practices, methods, coding standards, and tooling 

The role focuses on two aspects: 

  • People: the leadership in substance and individual development, especially focussing on our team leaders and helping them to help themselves, and others 
  • Internal & External Community: ensure we have the local team well connected to the global community and remain part of a vibrant community in the IBM Family, as well as outside in the wider local market 

Next to the above, there is always a chance to leverage the role on local Presales cases if they require a very senior contact person to speak of the local and global capabilities of Nordcloud. In difficult staffing situations, the Engineering Lead can support the Delivery Lead to make sound choices when assigning staff to projects. 

The Engineering Lead reports directly to the local Delivery Lead. He is the line manager of the Team Leads of all technical teams in Germany (at this time AWS, Azure, GCP, AppDev/Data as well as of the customer-oriented technical teams, e.g. European Central Bank).

Key responsibilities:

  • Represent all (!) the tech practices of Nordcloud locally 
  • Present company in senior external discussions, actively driving and educating presales 
  • Understand local demand (key technical roles and skills) and lead hiring for them 
  • Searching for and proposing suitable candidates from within Nordcloud to open roles 
  • Third level tech interviews 
  • Supporting and activating individuals within Nordcloud technical community 


  • Billability of Overall country organization (measured in FF) 
  • ESAT of local technical team (measured in Bob) 
  • Attrition (regrettable) in local tech organization (measured via POPS) 
  • Supply data reflects reality at all times in CVTool and FF 
  • Personal Development plans in place and executed for the people in Practice
  • Local community interfaces to global practice active
  • Hiring success (measured in people hired) 

The more informal goal would be that individuals feel the staffing process is transparent, inclusive, and fair and that their voice is heard when decisions are made about their staffing. Customer Satisfaction based on architect/engineer review will be used where applicable. 

Key requirements for the person filling the role:

  • Technical leadership and track record of contributing to projects hands-on in technical team lead or project lead roles
  • Strong technical background
  • Understanding of cloud technologies
  • Ability to understand infra and app dev, data, and design on medium complex levels 
  • Basic Project management skills (agile and waterfall alike) 
  • Strong collaboration and networking skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Systematic way of working


  • Minimum 5 years of leadership experience in a tech organization as a unit leader
  • Project management experience
  • Expected to be able to follow and actively enhance a defined software development process and enforce it on a project
  • Be able to prepare the high-quality, unambiguous project and customer-related documentation
  • Expected to work independently without direct supervision
  • Excellent communication skills with all levels
  • Upper-Intermediate (CEFR B2) or higher level of verbal and written English


  • Experienced in implementing and analyzing the quality metrics in a project, participating in the definition of the metrics
  • Experienced in acting as a direct customer contact
  • Be able to control over contracting and financial issues
  • Proficient in the German language

For our people, you will: 

  • Represent and protect employees’ interests on various levels within the company (corporate, unit, project)
  • Ensure feedback from customers to people and vice versa is happening smoothly and fits our global performance management processes 
  • Create and optimize necessary working conditions for employees

For our local deliveries in the market, you will: 

  • Support delivery teams with participation in project coordination and supervision
    • Monitor the subordinates' work on the projects through communication with Delivery/Project Managers and Account Managers
    • Provide effective project staffing upon request of Delivery/Project Managers and Account Managers
    • Plan and optimize employees’ replacement processes (succession planning, rotation, relocation)
  • Contribute to organizational development
    • Support interactions between the unit and other units shared services within the company
    • Build an effective organizational and managerial structure in the unit
    • Gather, maintain and expand technological and managerial expertise within the unit
    • Optimize and maintain the bench structure to support unit development for seeking new projects, etc.
    • Develop and realize a long-term plan for the development of the unit according to the corporate/business group/country strategy
  • Support the Company growth
    • Support technology management on the corporate level
    • Engage employees in internal projects for the company's growth or development of new business/technology directions

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