Join us in the cloud. Welcome home.

Nordcloud has grown quickly, but our growth has accelerated since the start of 2021. We already have locations in Helsinki, Salo, Tampere and Jyväskylä, and are expanding with new locations in Oulu and Kuopio. Help us re-imagine what cloud-native digital service design and development should be like. Re-skill yourself with our much-loved training and academy. Guide how we evolve, work with the best within hyperscalers, and make your mark.

Why Join Nordcloud?

You get great professional development: Our founder, Fernando Herrera, described the company as “essentially one big learning platform”. Because it’s not just about formal training and certifications (which you definitely get). It’s also about what you learn each day from the diverse Nordcloud community, which helps you develop your skills and career (in Finland and, if you’re interested, internationally). It’s a supportive community culture where everyone enjoys working together – and devs and designers collaborate to achieve great things. Our culture is infused with this excitement to experiment with new innovations and share knowledge. 

Choose where you work: Like working at home? Want the buzz of an office? Want to travel? When you work for Nordcloud, the world is your office (if you want it to be). Work anywhere you want – your home, any of our offices across Europe, wherever. We’ll even help you set up an office with a colleague if two or more of you find a place you want to be, to bring Nordcloud closer to you. 

Proud to be cloud native.

Why is Nordcloud Microsoft’s 2020 partner of the year?

Maximise the value from multi-cloud.

Check out career opportunities in Finland 👇

Design and development services of digital solutions are in particularly high demand. Nordcloud is seeking designers, architects, application developers and service control employees to join our growing group of professionals. With Nordcloud – and with cloud-native superpowers – you can make a real impact in days, even in minutes. From DevOps to end-to-end delivery, those superpowers mean you get to see your work making a difference.

You can literally observe your innovation come to life, from concept to delivery!

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