Webinar: Get to know the coolest of Google Cloud tools

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Webinar: Get to know the coolest of Google Cloud tools

Ready to unlock Google Cloud? In this webinar, you'll hear 1. Coolest Cases: Hand-picked case studies of the best tools in Google Cloud 2. Are you Cloud-Ready: What it takes to supercharge your organization with Google Cloud 3. Most Common Challenges: What look out for when moving to Google Cloud? 4. Navigating the Obstacles: Nordcloud's end-to-end solutions to secure your cloud journey and unleash the potential of Google Cloud Since 2011, Nordcloud, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, has completed more than 1000 successful cloud deployments. Nordcloud has worked with Europe’s largest enterprises, e.g. most of OMXN40, to harvest the full benefits of the public cloud, such as increased security, agility, scalability and reduced costs.


August 28, 2019


1 PM - 2 PM CEST
Nordcloud ninja
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