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We are approached by more and more businesses each day, wanting to turbocharge their move to the cloud. Many of these customers want to have their environment based on the Azure platform. So what does it mean for Nordcloud? Logically, we need more skilled engineers and architects (mid to senior level) within Azure technologies. It can be anything from databases, applications, consulting and building the strategy to modern infrastructure and further development.

To fulfil this growing demand we are looking for the best talent to help develop our Azure practice within Nordcloud. You can join this journey and contribute to the digital transformation of big brands. We are based in 10 countries across Europe, where you can work for us. It’s Finland (HQ), Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, Poland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It’s fine if you want to work remotely from any of these countries. No need to be exactly in the city where we operate, but due to clients needs, country matters.

We have lots of discussions with people experienced in Microsoft technologies, who are simply missing that hands-on Azure experience. Are you there as well? No chances in your place to work on enterprise-class clients projects? Not that Agile environment? It may be time to rethink your next career step.

We gathered a few insights from our Azure Architects to give you a sense of why is such a great team to be a part of. 

Sławek, Azure Tech Lead:

In one sentence, on my projects, I helped multiple customers to build cloud readiness for their businesses. Of course, it means different thing from project to project, but just to name a few of them:

  • implementation of a new cloud operational model built around the CCoE concept.
  • HLD and LLD for multi-regional network design with SDWAN and Azure VirtualWan.
  • Azure Cloud Foundation created with IaC (Terraform or ARM Templates) being compliant with Cloud Adoption Framework.
  • PaaS platform design and on-prem apps migration to the cloud.

For me, the greatest thing about work at Nordcloud is the ability to constantly grow by studying and doing stuff within cutting edge technologies. Furthermore, the project’s teams are formed across all Nordcloud’s locations. As a result, each project brings not only new cloud challenges but also it brings new people, new colleagues, new experts. My professional network is growing, I have someone to learn from and I have more and more experts to go to if needed.

Piotrek, Azure Tech Lead:

My last project was an enormous challenge. The implementation of the Landing Zone in a sovereign cloud is not easy in a large international organization. Despite some difficulties, we prepared a lot of automation to implement the project in the concept infrastructure as code (IaC) and satisfy the client.

Marcin, Azure Cloud Architect:

Why is every day at Nordcloud amazing for me? Simply put because of the projects and teams, I work with. Today I am finishing the creation of the concept of running the application in a safe environment in Azure, together with the Finnish team, tomorrow I will be building Azure Data Factory Pipelines for the data team, together with my colleagues from Poland. Before the end of the week, we will be analyzing how to effectively and optimally build an environment for almost 100 independent departments for another of our clients in Germany. 

At Nordcloud I learned to implement hyper-scale projects in an international environment. At Nordcloud you feel every day that you are a true Azure Architect – you solve problems of others with the use of the best possible technologies.

As we develop our Azure practice at Nordcloud we want to give you the opportunity to join us.

So how to get a job at Nordcloud and start working on prestigious projects?

  • Let’s get in touch, prepare your CV or LinkedIn profile, show us what you have on your GitHub account.
  • Let’s meet virtually. You and Tech Recruiter. Discuss who we are, what is your background and techie needs. We ask for preparing a technical solution. Perfect if this results in a repository on GitHub with a working code.
  • The technical assignment is important for us as we believe it’s a sample of your job, not only a declaration of skills. It’s easier to run a technical interview then and discuss what is your point of view on a prepared solution.
  • Our team of 2 tech interviewers will have a discussion with you, trying to challenge you why you decided to take a certain approach.
  • The final call with our Delivery Lead is organized, in order to summarize the process and agree on the condition.
  • We make an offer. We welcome you on board.

We are digital builders born in the cloud. Come and build with us. Apply in your location:

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