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Are you interested in the latest cloud technologies? We have developed a new way of on-boarding,  a six-week-long course, Nordcloud Talent Acceleration in which you will be able to gain the skills you need to work with the cloud. As there are not enough people in the universe skilled in cloud technologies, we at Nordcloud have decided to train the next generation of cloud experts. So what is Nordcloud Talent Acceleration really about? Alexander Bugaev, one of the participants called ‘padawans’, talks about his training experiences at the program. Before joining Nordcloud Talent Acceleration, Alexander Bugaev had been working with software development and support management. He had some experience in cloud technologies but above all, he was eager to learn more. “At first, I applied for the position of Cloud Architect. However, after the technical interview, I and the interviewing engineer decided that it would be beneficial for me to gain more knowledge before starting the actual work. So, I joined Nordcloud Talent Acceleration,” Alexander says. Continuous learning is one of the few things that is actually invariable in the IT world. Alexander thinks that the program is a great way to keep up with modern technologies.

3 reasons to participate in Nordcloud Talent Acceleration:

1. Gain basic knowledge of cloud technologies in six weeks

At the program, the padawans, who come from different IT backgrounds, study from nine to five for six weeks. At the time of the interview, Alexander’s group has just completed the first two weeks. “It has been great so far. We have a lot of useful materials and the lectures are really good and informative. Our lecturer is a true expert in his field. He presents the materials in a way that is very easy to understand,” Alexander praises. Alexander chose the AWS Cloud Engineer track before starting the program. The group is currently studying the basics of cloud technologies via courses like AWS Essentials and Architecting. Later on, they will deepen their knowledge further by attending AWS SysOps and DevOps courses. During the program, they’ll also have limited access to our self-study portals which are designed to help with certificate preparations.

2. Onboard like a superhero

In Alexander’s opinion, the program is a great and slightly different way of onboarding as well. During the six weeks, the padawans will be prepared for their future projects and Nordcloud’s way of doing things. Since the padawans have been hired to Nordcloud before starting the university, they get the normal salary from the first day of training. Accommodation and travel costs are provided by Nordcloud if necessary. “I have learned a lot about Amazon’s services, the Nordcloud organization and the philosophy of cloud technologies. The company provides a possibility to spend our time learning whereas usually new employees start working immediately and are expected to learn many new things at the same time.” For instance, Alexander’s group is working on a project which is an example of building a cloud infrastructure. With the project, they will get the idea of how their future projects are created and executed.

3. Transform from a padawan into a Jedi master

After six weeks the padawans will start to work with real customers at Nordcloud with their mentors’ support. “I think that the program is a very smart investment for Nordcloud and for our future careers as well,” Alexander says. For Alexander, the program has been exciting and interesting. “I am amazed how I have been able to sit such long periods without moving – you don’t even notice how the time passes,” he laughs. “Here everything depends on yourself. Your future with the cloud technologies depends on how hard you work and how thoroughly you study here.” View the detailed schedule for Nordcloud Talent Acceleration See all our positions and find out what fits you the best or just drop us a line! Done in co-operation with Duunitori, writer Meri-Tuuli Talsi/Duunitori.
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