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1. Where are you from and how did you end up at Nordcloud? I’m from Finland, but I never worked for Nordcloud in Finland. I was previously working in Helsinki for another company, but I heard from my friend that Nordcloud has an opportunity in Poland. (This happened in sauna by the way, the real Finnish way 😉) I had been previously working with a half-Polish team back in the days and also spent quite a lot of time in the country since 2013 both in business and private life, so I was like “Let’s do this!".   2.What is your core competence? Team building, working with different types of people and stakeholders and getting things done together, seeing the big picture, combining the business view to the fact that we are all unique people, not numbers. 3.What do you like most about working at Nordcloud? I strongly believe we are as a company on the right market and we have a chance to become a big player. So the foundation is solid. That gives me and all of us the possibility to get small and big wins every week. And what’s better than the feeling that we succeeded in something together as a team? 4.What is the most useful thing you have learned at Nordcloud? That in this business, the people you hire, they are everything you've got. Put effort to the recruitment and try to make sure they get to do interesting things and develop themselves. 5.What sets you on fire/What’s your favourite thing technically with public cloud ? I like building something new and I’m very excited to have the opportunity to help Nordcloud build the Polish operation together with my superb colleagues! 6.What do you do outside work? I go to the gym, need to stay in shape. Also used to run a bit, but right now only HIIT on treadmill. I listen to a lot of podcasts: tech and popular science mostly. I highly recommend the Joe Rogan Experience, especially the episodes with scientists and entrepreneurs as guests. I also study Polish, but that's a tough project :) BTW, here are some additional fun facts of Nordcloud Poland: 1. A year ago we had much smaller office with around 20 people on board; today we have a new site in Poznan and 80 team members; mostly techie guys 2. At the very beginning we were focused on recruiting AWS & Azure Architects mostly and we still do, but nowadays GCP Architects as well!  3. We managed to develop Platform & Tools Development team (only in Poland!) and set up new departments like Managed Cloud and Data Driven Business. Poland keeps growing so stay tuned, keep and eye on our openings or let us know you're interested in a chat with us:
Aarne TalmanGlobal Machine Learning Practice Lead
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