The Key Factors To Supercharging Your Digital Success

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How to be successful in leveraging new cloud platforms for digital transformation and drive higher revenue from digital? This IDC Infobrief sponsored by Nordcloud identifies 3 key factors for digital success.

Innovation, Agility, And Cost-Efficiency Don't Have To Be Tradeoffs In Digital Transformation

This IDC Infobrief, “Hyperscale Cloud Platforms as an Accelerator for Digital: the Role of Transformational Partners“, sponsored by Nordcloud,  dives into the success factors of DX transformation.

The majority of European CEOs face enormous expectations to transform their organizations into agile, digital-driven champions.

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IDC forecasts that worldwide spending on digital transformation (DX) initiatives will reach more than $1.2 trillion by the end of 2019. CEOs are increasingly under pressure to deliver the financial outcomes associated with these digital transformation investments. 

To Be Successful In Leveraging New Cloud Platforms For DX Initiatives, Get Three Key Areas Right

  1. Skills
  2. Governance
  3. Finding the right transformational partners.

Digital Transformation With Nordcloud

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