Right Partners are the Key to Digital Transformation Success

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According to a recent IDC Infobrief, 65% of European CEO’s are under considerable pressure to deliver a successful digital transformation strategy. This comes as no surprise – we are seeing similar kind of challenges throughout our customer base. The pressure is very real and organizations are likely to fail unless they get three things right: digital skills, organizational structures and governance.   

Successful Organizations Learn and Adapt with Transformational Partners

In many organizations, the main driver for public cloud is digital transformation of business. This can mean pressure from new digital competitors or the need to find new business models or reinvent existing ones. These businesses needs place new demands on the agility and delivery capabilities of both infrastructure and IT organization itself. 
All the successful transformation of IT and business towards a cloud native operating model have been made by starting with a new dedicated team.
The marriage of agile business development and traditional IT organization have proven to be a very problematic matter and therefore CEO’s and his team need to complete rethink the approach they are taking. Nordcloud has not yet seen documented cases where adapting the old legacy operating model and organization to a cloud native one has been successful. So far, all the successful transformation of IT and business towards a cloud native operating model have been made by starting with a new dedicated team or organization concentrating on cloud native work and scaling up the actions in this area, without taking legacy operating models into use. This means that a decision must be made that a bi-modal way of working is allowed.
As digital becomes embedded in the business, there is a need to redefine organizational culture and traditional structures.
The ideal team structure combines technological architecture, DevOps processes for agile development and multi cloud governance frameworks. Successful digital transformation requires managing complex set of new requirements, which cannot be solved by relying on old ways of working nor cooperating with same set of partners as in the past. Successful organizations learn and adapt with transformational partners and drive for success with faster time to market and highly adaptive way of responding to market challenges.

Cloud Centre of Excellence Boosts The Agile Way of Working

Based on Nordcloud’s experience, setting up a cloud centre of excellence for cloud governance has been the key to solving most of the challenges organisations are facing when operating in agile way. Cloud center of excellence helps in making DevOps the most important factor of the enterprise transformation journey. This model also highlights developers as the most important customers of cloud center of excellence.   The defined vision for cloud center of excellence is to enable business’ objectives and innovation across the organization. Cloud center of excellence will drive agility in developing new services and enable business to utilize the broad cloud service offering from cloud providers. It will provide value added services for business and drive the optimization of processes and tasks through automation. In the second part of this series about the role of transformational partners in organizational change, I will introduce Nordcloud’s vision for Cloud Center of Excellence and multi-cloud governance.
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