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Meet our UX Developer Tuire Peurala from Nordcloud's design studio Intergalactico!  When I was a kid, my interests were on science. I started my studies in Helsinki Uni with chemistry and steered my way through some biochemistry and physics to computer science and finally to front-end development and design. I’ve been working in a couple of product companies and landed to consulting a few years ago at Nordcloud which at a time was SC5. Currently I’m working with a client on telecom business, designing their customer service portal. My favourite part at my work is the process of understanding complex systems and making things easy and useful for the end-users. I’m keen on having the users voice heard. Working at Nordcloud has brought out the possibilities of public cloud for me. It’s inspiring to understand that we can easily take into use quite sophisticated tech (like for example image recognition and other AI related services) to our projects. At Intergalactico (our design studio) I’m surrounded with a great bunch of colleagues with tons of experience and proficiency, quirky sense of humour and quite a lot of “Make the world a better place” spirit. Our studio has a culture of sharing and continuous learning and some of the best moments for me at Nordcloud have been learning new stuff together. Ok, there’s been also some great moments when we have been really engaging in a team effort to build great services and some other memorable moments involving jacuzzis. Outside of work I like to be on the move, be it in nature camping or in the city seeing the latest exhibition at Amos Rex.   Interested in learning more about our design studio Intergalactico and their creatives with superpowers? Check Intergalactico's website and visit their Medium blog! Tuire and other Intergalactico team leads are looking for more UX Developers and UX Designers to their warm-hearted team.
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