Public Cloud Cost Clarity And Optimisation – At No Additional Cost

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Ensuring cost clarity and optimisation on any public cloud platform is valuable.

Ensuring cost clarity and optimisation on any public cloud platform is valuable. Unfortunately, most companies struggle with attaining either or both of these goals. We at Nordcloud believe that a real Solution Provider should do this for the customer. At no additional cost.

For years public cloud has delivered IT Infrastructure as it should be, an on-demand service charging only for the actual use. Resources and services can be fired up and turned off instantly and programmatically as they are needed. More often than not, users are quick to move ahead in resource and service use – but a lot slower in cleaning up or shutting down unnecessary resources.

Public Cloud Cost Clarity And Optimisation

Billing data is very granular and can even go down to the level of cost of an individual request, delivered kilobyte or second of resource use. This granularity delivers the ultimate “pay only for what you use” promise. The flip side is that with any significant public cloud use, the billing data becomes huge and eventually a nightmare to make any sense of. We have all heard which road is paved with good intentions!

Public cloud cost clarity means really understanding what is driving its costs, how costs could be contained – and ultimately who should pay for these costs. A pay-as-you-go model does not really work if the costs are allocated inaccurately in the organisation. To add to the mix, providers offer several ways to reduce service costs by choosing the right service types, through volume discounts, reservations or discounts from continued use. While buying public cloud services has become more flexible it has also become more complex.

Our customers are undisputed leaders in their respective fields. They use the public cloud to make product and service innovations, deliver value to their customers every day and disrupt their industries. This is their core competence – not necessarily the public cloud itself. A master carpenter often does not know how to make the best possible chisel, he just uses it artfully. Why should a world leader in specialist travel experiences shift their focus to public cloud cost reporting, sorting out allocations every month or try to learn ways to save money?

Monitor And Analyse The Public Cloud Spend

Public cloud cost optimisation requires deep and consistently current understanding of the many ways to purchase it – and how they would fit the organisation’s current and planned use. You pay too much If you don’t do anything – you may pay too much if you optimise the wrong way. Our customers’ experiences and skills in cost optimisation vary greatly and results follow this variance. As with many other things in life – optimisation is best left to experts.

We at Nordcloud help our customers with both cost clarity and cost optimisation. We provide our customers with Nordcloud Insight, a proprietary tool, enabling our customers to view, monitor and analyse their public cloud spend in various ways. We also provide regular cost optimisation proposals driven by both artificial and real intelligence on how to save costs from the public cloud. Most importantly, we do this as continuous operations – professional cost optimisation is not a one-time event.

So far we have found meaningful cost savings opportunities from all of our customers – even those considered widely as best practitioners in the field. Typically we find opportunities ranging from 20-30% of their current public cloud costs. In the “best practitioner” category, our findings have still been well over 10%.

We deliver cost clarity and cost optimisation at no additional cost to our customers. We believe public cloud is different. We believe our customers should also be treated differently from the traditional hosting company customers.

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