On the right track in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the MSP Journey

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Some good news this week to warm the heart in this (still chilly) springtime; Gartner, the international research and advisory firm, has placed Nordcloud in its Magic Quadrant for MSP for the second year running. It’s something that my very talented colleagues can take pride in. Many dedicated and hard-working Nordcloud people have brought us to this point, we’re blessed with a wealth of specialist expertise, and this is a good moment to express my thanks and admiration for all that they do. No judgement from Gartner is ever an endorsement but it is a sign that shows Nordcloud is on the right track. Such recognition isn’t the destination, but it is a way-marker on the road; one of those things we make a note of as we continue on our path.

So what is the destination?

There are plenty of companies that trumpet that they want to be the world’s greatest, and of course we all have our dreams. But you can’t chart a course by dreams. I prefer to look to the horizon, however far, and make for a destination that is real and realisable. Nordcloud is already the go-to company for native cloud services and application development right across the Nordic region. We’re the market leader. We want to extend that position throughout selected European countries. And we have a growing presence right across the continent. Last December, Deloitte ranked us the fastest growing company in our field in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. That is broadly the where, but equally important is the how. Without wishing to be either complacent or smug we have most of the how in place.

Local knowledge, full stack-provision and proactive partnerships

Firstly, as we expand, it means establishing skilled local teams in every territory in which we operate supported when applicable by experienced colleagues abroad. Of course, we might expand faster if we took shortcuts and just ran everything from a central support centre, but that’s not the Nordcloud way. Local knowledge is vital. It’s not just ensuring that customers can talk to someone in their own language, it means having local knowledge of the business and regulatory environment. It means being able to go and work alongside our customers whenever that will produce a better result. So our expansion will necessarily be measured and deliberate so that every Nordcloud customer knows that we’re there for them. Secondly, it’s about full-stack provision. Not only do we help businesses move to the cloud, we help them make a success of it. We can offer a full range of options from making their existing apps cloudy to building native: new, better ones that take full advantage of the cloud. Lastly, it’s about partnership; proactive partnership. Whether that’s deploying our expertise to guide customers through the range of cloud options on offer, single or multi-, or looking for ways to improve on software, or keeping our eyes peeled for business opportunities for them, we want to be a formidable ally for everyone we work with, including our partners Microsoft, AWS and Google. Our goal must be to help all our customers and partners to be their best selves and to help them beat the competition, through new and better apps. And in helping them reach their destinations, we’ll reach ours.
Ilja Summala
Ilja SummalaLinkedInGroup CTO
Ilja’s passion and tech knowledge help customers transform how they manage infrastructure and develop apps in cloud.
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Ilja Summala
Ilja’s passion and tech knowledge help customers transform how they manage infrastructure and develop apps in cloud.
Ilja Summala LinkedIn
Group CTO