Nordcloud Sharpens Focus on FSI

At Nordcloud, we’re doubling down on FSI. But what does that really mean? And why are we doing it?

Why are we doubling down on FSI?

Cloud is undoubtedly seen as  the #1 lever to driving business modernisation and negating the increasing costs and margin pressure in the financial industry. As a result, we’ve seen so many headlines and shareholder claims offering ambitious ‘cloud-first’ announcements, but three or more years down the line, organisations still struggle to back up their ambitious targets. Many businesses are continuously falling short of the expectations of their board and stakeholders.

While CIOs and CTOs are well aware that the key to success lies in balancing technology shift, organisational change and regulatory requirements, many organisations struggle to manage this balancing act. This lack of maturity and enterprise scalability means the great potential and cloud benefits of modernising critical core systems remaining untouched.

This is our sweet spot. At Nordcloud, we’re working with businesses to master the balance between tech shift, organisational change, and compliance.

Cloud is key, but we know FSI is about so much more than technology

At Nordcloud, we’re often recognised for our cloud technology footprint – when in fact 90% of our engagements have industry-specific backgrounds and compliance requirements, as well as business-driven solutions.

We’ve made a strategic appointment – Philipp Holetzke – to lead our FSI practice. Having previously supported these markets in a similar capacity at IBM, Philipp specialises in leveraging cloud technology to help financial businesses to unlock true business value of critical core workloads.

Philipp and the team have been engaged with major banks and financial service providers in Europe over the past few years, supporting them in a range of business transformation and modernisation challenges. These include core banking transformation, migration to cloud-based workplace solutions, payments modernisation, SEPA SCT Inst introduction, and more recently tackling regulatory challenges in the cloud.

Assembling this industry-focused team is the next stage of supporting our customers in unlocking the true potential of cloud in this sector. So, yes – we can support your cloud journey as you’d expect, but we’re able to help with so much more.

So, what’s to come?

Firstly, we’re doubling down on our capabilities in this area. This includes providing a capability to run anything in production in the cloud, and delivering cost-effective and timely processes to secure the internal and external regulatory approvals needed to do so. Having capabilities ready to go such as this will unleash both cost savings innovation potential for financial businesses.

Join The FS Eye

Our aim is to help businesses finally unlock the full potential of cloud in this sector. As part of this, we’ve launched our exclusive content hub – The FS Eye. This hub is designed to provide insights on how to overcome the organisational and technology challenges in the context of the unique requirements of FSI.

We’ll provide answers to questions such as:

‘How do we lay the foundations with a secure, FSI-ready landing zone?’

‘What does a scalable and reusable approach to regulatory compliance – accelerating our application migration and development – look like?’ 

‘How can we optimise costs when running highly available, consistent distributed systems, while leveraging cloud-native technology?’

‘How do we best make use of multi-cloud and how to address vendor lock-in, application and service portability and hybrid workloads?’

Sign up to The FS Eye for free and stay up-to-date with our specialist FSI content and events.

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