Nordcloud Joins Forces with Red Hat
to Provide OpenShift Practice

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To continue providing market-leading public cloud services, we’ve joined forces with Red Hat to help businesses with their OpenShift needs, from training and migrations to adoption and operations.

Why are we doing this now?

Kubernetes is now established as the de facto standard for managing containerised applications at scale. So, you’re probably aware that Microsoft, AWS and Google have all built their own container services on top of Kubernetes. 

The adoption of DevOps and public cloud has become synonymous with companies accelerating delivery of new services on scalable platforms with the end goal of increasing sales. 

DevOps is a combination of people, processes and technology that increases the ability to deliver a streamlined and automated software delivery life cycle with rapid deployments of new features and functions. And public cloud platforms provide the security, flexibility and strategic edge that allow companies to fully leverage the potential of DevOps. 

At Nordcloud, we pride ourselves on being cloud-native, a leading public cloud services provider with over 1000 successful public cloud projects completed. We have extensive experience with the use of DevOps principles in application migration and development, and delivering managed public cloud Kubernetes services with 24/7 support.

With Red Hat OpenShift, you can build an application once and run it across any infrastructure. So, we’ve partnered with Red Hat to help businesses implement these principles and rapidly deploy containerised applications consistently, at scale and across all clouds. 

What is Red Hat OpenShift?

For companies looking for a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud container platform, Red Hat OpenShift is the leading platform in the market. OpenShift provides a consistent layer for cloud-native applications, meaning businesses can have one approach to building and operating applications across any infrastructure, something which is highly regarded in regulated industries where portability and exit strategies are required.

This helps boost efficiencies and continuous innovation and reduce operational costs. We see OpenShift emerging as the key enterprise means of running containers in production, and have joined forces with RedHat in offering our Openshift practice.

How can Nordcloud help your business?

Our offering of OpenShift migration, managed OpenShift support, and OpenShift enablement workshops empower businesses to adopt the platform confidently and accelerate their speed to value.

  • OpenShift Migration Projects - If your business is running OpenShift in an on-premises environment and you’re looking to migrate these applications to any of the public clouds, our OpenShift migration services will help evaluate the complexity of the source environment, and ensure a safe migration to the public cloud with limited interruptions for the business. We will also ensure a proper landing zone is in place with all the necessary governance, security and network requirements addressed.
  • Managed OpenShift on the Public Cloud - If you’re looking for more flexibility and control over your OpenShift installation in the public cloud and 24/7 support, we offer a managed cloud OpenShift service that provides businesses with scalable support capability that covers OpenShift container platforms deployed on AWS, Azure or GCP. 
  • Enablement Workshop - Our 3 day workshops help businesses understand how OpenShift operates, and includes a high-level architecture and action plan for adopting Openshift in your landing zone, setting you up for OpenShift adoption success. 

Why Nordcloud + OpenShift?

Well, as a Premier Red Hat Solution Provider and triple-certified partners of AWS, Azure and GCP, it’s a bit of a no-brainer really. We couldn’t be better placed to help businesses leverage OpenShift in the public cloud.

Learn more about how your business can drive rapid speed to value with our OpenShift services.

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