Nordcloud named the leading ‘accelerator’ in the cloud computing industry

Vendor Universe 2018 in the area of Managed Public Cloud Provider

Nordcloud, one of Europe’s leading providers of public cloud infrastructure solutions, has been named a leading ‘accelerator’ by independent IT research and consulting firm Crisp Research in the current vendor comparison ‘Vendor Universe 2018’ in the area of ‘Managed Public Cloud Provider’.

In this comprehensive study, Crisp Research examined five cloud markets relevant for Germany and the service providers active in them in order to provide decision-makers in companies with guidelines and to analyse the largest fields of action within the industry. Together with 16 other providers, Nordcloud was tested in the market category ‘Managed Public Cloud Provider‘. The evaluation criteria were divided into the two main categories: ‘Service / Product Value Creation’ and ‘Vendor Performance’.

The result confirms Nordcloud’s pioneering position within the cloud computing industry

In the category ‘Service / Product Value Creation’ the Finnish company achieved the highest value of 85 percent (average value: 62 percent), for ‘Vendor Performance’ it received a total of 81 percent (average value: 58 percent). Nordcloud was particularly convincing in the areas of ‘Service Portfolio’, ‘Integration’ and ‘Customer Experience’.

nordcloud vendor universe

Nordcloud has developed into one of the leading Managed Public Cloud Services in the German market

Carlo Velten, Senior Analyst and CEO of Crisp Research congratulates: ‘Nordcloud is currently in the fast lane of Managed Public Cloud Services and successfully leads the field. Our independent analysis has shown that Nordcloud’s end-to-end multi-cloud service offers customers a market-leading, extensive partner network and deep technology expertise in the areas of IT infrastructure, DevOps and new technology paradigms’.

Ulrich Baur, Country Manager of Nordcloud Germany agrees: ‘We are proud that shortly after entering the German market, Nordcloud has developed into one of the leading Managed Public Cloud Services Providers. Cloud computing has gained in relevance across industries as a result of the advancing digital transformation, but only a few companies have the specialist staff and know-how to master the structural changes alone. Service providers like Nordcloud are helping companies accelerate their business processes and stay competitive in the future with cloud solutions.’

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