Nordcloud integrates Trend Micro security into its cloud infrastructure offering

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Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services provider Nordcloud has entered into collaboration with Trend Micro and started using Trend Micro security in its cloud infrastructure offering. Nordcloud provides Managed Services with infrastructure solutions built on public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Nordcloud services include the cloud advisory, automation and 24/7 maintenance of the cloud infrastructure. It is the only provider of such services in the Nordic countries. “Because our IT infrastructure customers are enterprises, ironclad security is a must. Now with Trend Micro we form a dream team: we have the best public cloud security combined with our own best hands-on experience of automating and maintaining cloud infrastructure solutions, and backing this knowhow are the largest public clouds in the world,” says Nordcloud CEO Esa Kinnunen. “We chose Trend Micro as our strategic partner, as they are the clear leader in Server Security and they have invested heavily in the development of public cloud security solutions, which makes them one of the top providers in this field.” “Nordcloud is a perfect partner for Trend Micro’s investment in public cloud security, as we see more and more enterprises interested in moving to the public cloud. Now we have a strong partner to ensure that this is done securely,” says Trend Micro General Manager, Nordics Rasmus Pedersen. The utilisation of public cloud brings the flexibility of corporate infrastructures to a whole new level. In practice, public cloud scales indefinitely to accommodate the highest workload peaks. On the other hand, the user only pays for its actual use – invoicing can be per hour or even per minute, when necessary. Nordcloud was founded in late 2011, and since then it has built infrastructure solutions to over 120 clients. These are mostly medium-sized or large companies, primarily from the digital services industry. Nordcloud uses Trend Micro’s Deep Security Platform, which is optimized for cloud architectures to reduce operational impact.
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