Nordcloud’s Integrated Management System Awarded ISO 9001 Certification

We know how to have fun at Nordcloud, so when we were planning our 10-year anniversary celebrations, we thought: ‘It’d be great to honour this milestone by getting another ISO certification to double down on existing accreditations’ 

We had a party, too. But after a decade expanding across Europe as cloud-native champions, it was actually a good time to evaluate and validate our systems and processes towards a well-known global standard.

And our efforts have paid off – with Nordcloud formally awarded ISO 9001 certification.

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is a globally-recognised quality management standard; implementing these principles demonstrates that we meet the needs of our customers through an effective management system. The certification, assessed by an external quality auditor, confirms Nordcloud’s comprehensive management system underpins quality performance in everything we do.

In typical Nordcloud fashion, we’ve achieved results fast, building the system and securing certification in rapid time. 

Having our Integrated Management System validated towards ISO 9001 shows our focus on providing customers with consistently high quality across the board – and in developing new technology and processes to meet customer needs at scale.

Why does it matter?

Quality and agility are critical to everything we do at Nordcloud. And that’s not just a cliche – we continuously push ourselves to improve how we work to meet the needs of our customers and the market. Now we have this cred to back up that commitment.

ISO 9001 also demonstrates the maturity of our quality management processes. It doesn’t just mean we do everything to a really high standard (we’ve always done that). It means we have the automation and standardisation in place to deliver quality across the business, now and as we grow. 

What does it mean for our customers?

We take pride in our identity as agile, lean cloud natives who deliver great results fast. And our customers know and love us for that. At the same time, ISO 9001 certification provides assurance that we have accredited controls in place – and that we’re transparent in our approach and commitment for continuous improvement. 

The certification backs up that unique combination we deliver: quality + agility.

How does it improve our ways of working?

Well, it’s our management system that’s been audited – which is a policy that’s applied to everyone at Nordcloud. 

It means all of our operations, at all of our locations, are subject to this systematic approach to quality. That includes our advisory work, projects, services, products, tools, training, plus other internal and external activities.

It considers the needs of internal and external people – employees, clients, partners, suppliers, and is focused on:

  • Good quality practice
  • Good information security practice
  • Good risk management practices
  • Good IT services
  • Good environmental, safety, and governance practice

How’s it rolled out?

The IMS translates these practices into real life in the form of policies, guidelines, processes and other systematic elements. It explains how Nordcloud addresses strategic, market, and client requirements and translates these into efficient and effective ways of operating the company. 

It provides a clear framework to meet our customers’ requirements and enable our agility and quality at scale. It’s the basis to continuously increase efficiency and effectiveness of our service delivery. 

What’s next?

Our certified systems will help us maintain and control quality as we expand. They give us a platform to continue innovating for ourselves and our customers, with confidence everything is rooted in this foundation of quality. 

So here’s to 10 more years of quality and agility in the cloud. 

View Nordcloud’s ISO 9001 Certificate here

View Nordcloud’s ISO 27001 Certificate here

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