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Two years ago Jani was at that point of his career when he thought of wanting a change. He came across the Microsoft Azure Academy program and thought that the participation was the perfect fit for his interest in the public cloud. We at Nordcloud, one of the program’s partner companies, didn’t wait for long to invite the new cloud superstar to join our team.

Straight to the deep end of the pool

“I have now been working in IT for almost 20 years. Here at Nordcloud I have been able to use almost everything that I have learned before, so it has really been a great match for my skills,” says Jani Eränen who works as a Senior Cloud Architect on Azure at Nordcloud. During the Microsoft Azure Academy, Jani had several interviews with different companies and eventually decided that Nordcloud would be the best place for him: “I was employed immediately after two intensive weeks of training. It was like jumping straight to the deep end of the pool as I started working with the customers almost from the first day forward.”Jani gave a presentation about his journey at Nordcloud to the current Academy participants.

Diverse projects are the cure for the need to learn

As a Senior Cloud Architect Jani’s main responsibilities are solving the customers’ current problems and clearing their visions on how to work with the public cloud. “This is usually done by cloud enablement combined with building the core infrastructure. We design the solutions that the customer wants to have at the moment and also in the future,” Jani explains. Jani has been working with us for more than a year and a half. It has been a busy ride. “When you think you know something about the public cloud, you continuously prove yourself wrong. We are learning all the time.” Constant learning motivates Jani. As an architect, he thinks that it is more useful to have a wide knowledge of a lot of things, rather than to be an expert in some specific area. When specific expertise is needed, he will know where to look and how to combine the information. At the moment Jani is working for one client in five partly overlapping projects which are on migration stage. “This migration happens inside the cloud from old resources to new resources.” Jani likes the diversity of his current projects, and that he also gets to work with the coding stage and the actual deployment: “A fun part of the designing process is to see the realization of the design and to see how it goes on. If problems occur, you know to avoid them in the future.”

Wiser journeys to the cloud

Here at Nordcloud, our architects aim to work as advisors for their customers. “First, we will talk about their situation, why they are going to the cloud and what they are getting from it. Then we design their journey to the cloud by providing the models on how to work in the cloud and how to do the enablement for their own processes.” According to Jani, many clients want to go to the cloud because “it is the cloud and you should be there”. That is why they try to make the actual benefits clear to the customer. After the advisory part, the projects are usually related to the core infrastructure or how to deploy actual solutions to the cloud, but there are many different types of projects. “Containers have been quite a hot topic for a while because of the old epic public cloud providers are bringing their own managed layers to the containers. AI and machine learning are also seen almost everywhere,” Jani states.

Fun place to work and learn

In Jani’s opinion, Nordcloud has been the best employer so far in his career. That is due to the open culture, sharing of knowledge, learning opportunities, and specializing options. “Nordcloud is a fun place to work,” he says. “We are really eager to get new people in and offer them opportunities to grow their expertise,” Jani sums up. See all our positions and find out what fits you the best or just drop us a line. Done in co-operation with Duunitori, writer Meri-Tuuli Talsi/Duunitori.
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