How can you secure real savings on cloud in this COVID moment?

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Reducing cost has suddenly become top of mind for all IT decision makers. In the space of a short few weeks their priorities have changed dramatically. Their business as usual tools and techniques have made them ill-prepared for this very moment. The days of squeezing on price points to reduce IT cost have largely gone when most of the cloud hyperscalers operate already at competitive prices between each other, with regular systematic reductions.

The focus then moves towards the professional and managed services for cloud cost management 

Here significant cloud cost saving can be made for sure. The single biggest drive for unit cost economics improvement is the level of genuine software and automation within the migration to and setup of a cloud environment. Typically we find, the more native the service provider, the more they have embraced the "born in the cloud" tooling within both the hyperscaler stack and on the market. 

The more traditional providers (an example is the category of system integrators), the more that they typically approach the problem with legacy approaches and tooling. This is also re-enforced that may of these traditional legacy organizations still operate between 90 - 95% of their estate on premise.

The cloud native approach.

At Nordcloud we are truly obsessed with methods and tools that automate, and enable clients to optimise cloud and reduce IT infrastructure cost.

The result?

Lower unit migration cost and managed service cost economics. Do it with software, don’t do it with people. One of those areas we like to help clients start is by reviewing their current spend, identifying and implementing savings within days (not weeks or months). 

How could this work for your business?

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