How can standardizing service processes improve service quality?

If you can create centralized management processes using a standardized set of tools and processes, it will enable a fast, reliable and repeatable service delivery. It is far easier to improve the automation of processes, when all processes run through the same tooling, and there are less variations in service delivery. Additionally, when considering employee experience, it is far more efficient and easy to focus on the standard set of tools instead of implementing customer specific ones.

From a customer’s point of view, having full transparency into service delivery builds trust, and in similar fashion, customers look to centralize their management processes around tools and processes they have selected and set up. Access to services is also made simpler, enabling end users to use tools they are familiar with, integrating supplier’s services as part of the customer’s ecosystem. 

The unique ability to offer the same high quality service experience in a multi-cloud environment, enables Nordcloud to be a cloud agnostic partner for customers, ultimately enabling the best possible solution for customers.

Integrating processes, not just tools as part of Managed Service

Nordcloud has been using ONEiO iPaaS solutions to set up integrations between customer and Nordcloud systems to enable a real-time synchronization of data between the systems. As a result this has enabled Nordcloud teams to continue using their own familiar  tooling, and build further automation on top of these existing processes.

If we compare this to a more traditional process whereby service teams access various customer systems to manually update data, the integrated service process delivery provides considerable value, not only in terms of ease of use, but also in terms of speed and accuracy. The risk of human error is reduced, and ticket data can be copied fully, including attachments, instead of short one-liners copied manually.

Traditionally having  different tools in multiple places and enabling the entire team to access all various customer tools can also cause significant license costs,requiring long term commitments. This solution negates these challenges.

A fully managed iPaaS solution also means that there is little effort needed to ensure integration performance. Compared to a self-managed custom integration, after the setup, the solution requires practically no maintenance effort from Nordcloud or customer teams. 

Leveraging fully managed iPaaS solution in ITSM integrations enables Nordcloud to offer better service performance and service experience to our customers. 

Nordcloud Managed Cloud services

Nordcloud has been delivering managed services for customers’ public cloud environments since 2012, and we are recognised cloud native leader in Garner’s latest magic quadrant.with AWS MSP, Azure Expert MSP and Google MSP certifications.

Our end-to-end portfolio covers everything needed to resolve and restore; increase resilience and futureproof; and evolve and enhance customer cloud environments. This means having expert support in everything needed to maximise uptime and performance – from 24/7 incident management and disaster recovery, to cloud admin on-demand and security monitoring.

Key features of our services include

  • No lock-in – maximum flexibility because there are no rigid, multi-year contracts or minimum purchase requirements beyond the service experience.
  • Cloud-native approach – We’re cloud pioneers with deep PaaS and DevOps expertise. The cloud native approach is proactive, which means more agility and velocity 
  • Multi-cloud expertise – We’re a leading partner for all 3 public cloud platforms – customers receive comprehensive and integrated support across the cloud services, accelerating innovation.

Having a cloud-native multi-cloud approach means that we are therefore able to deliver uniform services to several different technology platforms with high rates of automation. 

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