Efficiently And Securely Leverage Public Cloud Platforms With A Cloud Competence Centre

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The fastest route to cloud adoption is to form a Cloud Competence Centre.

Nordcloud believes that the fastest route to cloud adoption – reducing the time it takes you to get your products to market and future proofing your public cloud usage – is to form a Cloud Competence Centre.

But Why Would You Need a Cloud Competence Centre In The First Place?

AWS defines the goal of this programme as taking ‘a large, widespread, deep-rooted organizational problem and solving it in a smaller scope with an open-minded approach and then leveraging the small wins to scale it across the organization‘. The ‘deep-rooted problems’ come up time and time again when speaking to our customers. Architects and developers who have the most cloud knowledge are often overburdened with trying to support other teams so they cannot focus on their products. As a developer, it is easy to get sucked into ‘the weeds’ by concentrating all your time on the security and networking when what you really want to do is spend your efforts on developing and adding value to new products and services. Cloud governance ultimately becomes very tricky to manage. 

For companies to fully realise the benefits the cloud has to offer, and free up valuable developer time, a Cloud Competence Centre is the ideal way to efficiently leverage public cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google. Nordcloud’s team of expert cloud architects will ensure that your development & operations teams are seamlessly operating as one, providing support for cloud platform development & support for project on-boarding, by focusing on five key areas:

Cloud Customer On-Boarding

Ensuring that your development and migration teams understand your organisational best practices when using the cloud. This can include architecture guidelines, security, cost management, training or where they get support.

Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Developments

Ensuring that the Core Infrastructure, Security controls and shared services required for every project are deployed and maintained. This makes sure you are providing development and migration teams the tooling they require to rapidly accelerate their projects.

Cloud Environment Deployments

Creating accounts and networks and setting up access to provide the teams an easy start with cloud platforms and making sure security policies are followed. The Cloud Competence Centre provides a set of Infrastructure as Code templates for deploying common application components.

Architecture and Devops Support

Providing Cloud Architecture and DevOps tooling support to ensure DevOps Excellence.

Businesses constantly need to be innovating so having a dedicated programme will help jump-start a large-scale, company-wide transformation.

At Nordcloud, we can help build and implement a cloud competence centre with the help of our team of experts, so contact us now to realise the full benefits of the cloud.

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