Cloud Computing News #2: Digital transformation in the cloud

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This week we focus on digital transformation and IT transformation in the cloud.

Campbell’s Drives IT Transformation on Azure

Campbell Soup Co has partnered with Microsoft to modernize Campbell’s IT platform through the Azure cloud by streamlining workflows and driving efficiencies. “Campbell’s migration to Azure will increase our flexibility, agility and resiliency,” said Francisco Fraga, Campbell Soup's CIO. “Azure will give us the ability to respond quickly to evolving business needs, introduce new solutions, and support our 24/7, always-on architecture. The Microsoft cloud is a proven, reliable and highly secure platform.” The Microsoft solution will provide additional benefits, including increased security, compliance and information protection. The move to Azure will allow Campbell to re-architect its data warehousing capabilities to be able to support the company’s data and analytics needs. Read the full article here Nordcloud is also Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner and Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider. Accelerate operations by moving IT to the public cloud with our solutions, you can find them here.  

Walmart Picked Microsoft To Accelerate Digital Transformation in the cloud

According to Forbes, Walmart has signed a 5-year strategic partnership with Microsoft to accelerate digital transformation. This is an extension of an existing relationship between Walmart and Microsoft. This new agreement will see the companies collaborating on machine learnings, AI and data-platform solutions that span customer-facing projects as well as those aimed at optimizing internal operations. 3 focus ares of the partnership are:
  1. Digital transformation:  Walmart will have the full range of Microsoft cloud solutions, move hundreds of existing applications to cloud-native architectures, migrate of a significant portion of and to Azure to grow and enhance the online customer experience.
  2. Innovation: Walmart will build a global IoT platform on Azure.
  3. Changing way of working at Walmart: Walmart is investing in its people with a phased rollout of Microsoft 365.
More on Walmart´s digital transformation in Forbes. Read also our blog post on how to accelerate digital transformation with culture and cloud here. Our data driven solutions that will make an impact on your business you can find here.  

Gartner identifies 6 barriers to becoming a digital business

According to a recent survey by Gartner, companies embracing digital transformation are finding that digital business is not as simple as buying the latest technology but requires changes in systems and culture.

Gartner lists six barriers that CIOs must overcome to transform their business:

  1. A Change-Resisting Culture. Digital innovation requires collaborative cross-functional and self-directed teams that are not afraid of uncertain outcomes.
  2. Limited Sharing and Collaboration. Issues of ownership and control of processes, information and systems make people reluctant to share their knowledge. But it is not necessary to have everyone on board in the early stages.
  3. The Business Isn't Ready. When a CIO wants to kick-off a transformation, they find that the business doesn’t have the resources or skills needed.
  4. The Talent Gap. Markus Blosch, research vice president at Gartner, says: “There are two approaches to breach the talent gap — upskill and bimodal.”
  5. The Current Practices Don't Support the Talent. Highly structured and slow traditional processes don't work for digital.
  6. Change Isn't Easy. Gartner advocates adopting a platform-based strategy which supports continuous change.
Read more about the survey on Gartner Newsroom. Read also our blog post on how to support cloud and digital transformation here.
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