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Digital transformation is a must win strategic battle for most of Nordcloud’s customer companies and cloud is the most important enabler of accelerated transformation. Successful transformations require changes in organization culture, operational models, capabilities and adapting workflows to support continuous development.    [caption id="attachment_7827" align="alignnone" width="525"]Public Cloud Adoption Pillars All three pillars must be in place to successfully adopt public cloud at scale.[/caption]

Why You Need Multi-cloud Governance

IDC believes that by 2023, 500 million new apps will be created. The number equals to number of apps built within past 40 years.  Organizations that are looking to roll out new digital products, services and experiences quickly must accelerate digital transformation and provide API-led integration across apps. There is rapidly increasing need to integrate across hybrid, multi-cloud environments. Secondly, changing application deployment architectures challenging traditional integration architectures and IT-organizations and under pressure to support business innovation.
Biggest possible downfall of cloud adoption is ending up running IT-operations same way as in legacy infrastructure model.
Every public cloud platform requires work to prepare the platform for use. Biggest possible downfall of cloud adoption is ending up running IT-operations same way as in legacy infrastructure model. In multi-cloud set-up teams operate in agile way and governance is more distributed from infrastructure team to for example software developers. Therefore it is essential that governance model sets guidelines on how cloud environments are created, what kind of developer tooling is available, what are the best practices for architecture, automation, security and cost management.

Target Operating Model 

Building on our long experience in cloud transformation and implementation projects Nordcloud have defined an operating model that allows Nordcloud’s customers to achieve the set targets fast and with certainty. Key Elements of the target operating model are: 
  • Cloud Center of Excellence: Focused on cloud governance and service development, the Cloud Center of Excellence core will support the continuous transformation, Cloud Center of Excellence development and cloud native platform development
  • Cloud Managed Support: Acceleration of customers cloud native managed service capability development
  • Training Services: Cloud native competence education with focus on competence analysis, upskilling and onboarding to digital projects
  • Migration & Modernization: Identification of application modernization patterns and migration & modernization planning
  • Cost Governance: Support for identification of cost optimization opportunities, project TCO calculation and new cloud proposal estimation
  • Data Services: Focused on Data platform & services architecture design, pilot data project identification, planning of the data platform and Data as a Service models

Governance during Cloud Journey

Transformation is hardly ever straightforward and requires careful planning. Initially it is important to 
  1. align cloud strategy with business strategy
  2. define cloud service model
  3. plan model deployment. 
Big part of the work is identifying concrete capability gaps in the current set-up and creating joint capability gaps and creating an capability development plan which includes upskilling, adding and replacing resources.  [caption id="attachment_7829" align="alignnone" width="851"]Nordcloud Cloud Journey Cloud Journey from drivers to outcomes.[/caption] When strategy and governance models are designed and validated, it’s easier to move forward with building cloud landing zone and start onboarding users to cloud. Clear guidelines provide base for operating in organizations cloud environment and furthermore help to move forward with new business innovations and transform the way of working.  In the following parts of ‘The Role of Transformational Partners in Organization Change’, we will introduce how to align cloud strategy with business strategy, how to build solid cloud service governance and support models and how to promote cloud awareness.   *** This is the second instalment in our series “The Role of Transformational Partners in Organization Change”. Read the previous post: Right Partners Are The Key To Digital Transformation Success
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