Building Cloud-Based IoT Solutions and Serverless Web-Apps

Our Cloud Application Architect Afaque Hussain has been on his cloud journey for some years already. At Nordcloud he builds cloud-native IoT solutions in our Data-Driven team. Here’s his story!

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1. Where are you from and how did you end up at Nordcloud?

I’ve been living in Finland for the past 7 years and I’m from India. Prior to Nordcloud, I was working at Helvar, developing cloud-based, IoT enabled, lighting solutions. I’ve been excited about public cloud services ever since I got to know them and I generally attend cloud conferences and meetups. During one such conference, I met the Nordcloud team who introduced me to the company and invited me for an interview and since then, my Nordcloud journey has begun.

2. What is your core competence? On top of that, please also tell about your role and projects shortly.

My core-competence is building cloud-based web-services, that act as an IoT platform to which IoT devices connect and exchange data. Generally preferring Serverless computing and Infrastructure as Code, I primarily use AWS and Javascript (Node.js) in our projects.

My current role is Cloud Application Architect, where I’m involved in our customer projects in designing and implementing end-to-end IoT solutions. In our current project, we’re building a web-service using which our customer can connect, monitor and manage their large fleet of sensors and gateways. The CI/CD pipelines for our project have been built using AWS Developer Tools such CodePipeline, CodeBuild & CodeDeploy. Our CI/CD pipelines have been implemented as Infrastructure as Code, which enables us to deploy another instance of our CI/CD pipelines in a short period time. Cool!

3. What sets you on fire / what’s your favourite thing technically with public cloud?

The ever increasing serverless service offerings by public cloud vendors, which enables us to rapidly build web-applications & services.

4. What do you like most about working at Nordcloud?

Apart from the opportunity to work on interesting projects, I like my peers. They’re very talented, knowledgeable and ready to offer help when needed.

5. What is the most useful thing you have learned at Nordcloud?

Although I’ve learnt a lot at Nordcloud, I believe the knowledge of  the toolkit and best practices for cloud-based web-application development has been the most useful thing I’ve learnt.

6. What do you do outside work?

I like doing sports and I generally play cricket, tennis or hit the gym. During the weekends, I generally spend time with my family, exploring the beautiful Finnish nature, people or different cuisines. 

7. How would you describe Nordcloud’s culture in 3 words?

Nurturing, collaborative & rewarding.

8. Best Nordcloudian memory?

Breakfast @ Nordcloud every Thursday. I always look forward to this day. I get to meet other Norcloudians, exchange ideas or just catch-up over a delicious breakfast!

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