Nordcloud wins AWS Migration Partner of the Year 2021

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It’s the definition of glad tidings for us at Nordcloud as we enter the festive season – AWS has named us Migration Partner of the Year 2021 for the Nordics.

What made this such a momentous year for Nordcloud as a leader with AWS Cloud?

As Peter Bakker, Nordcloud’s AWS Partner Manager, put it, "For every project, we worked back from the desired end result – which is a happy customer who successfully migrated and is leveraging all AWS has to offer. By keeping our eye on that goal, we made sure complex projects stayed on track and delivered."

How did we make that happen at such a high level this year?

Peter cites 2 key success factors:

"First of all, we reached new levels of collaboration across Nordcloud, AWS and IBM. This teamwork meant customers benefited from the best brains working in the cloud across a whole range of disciplines.

Second, our teams at Nordcloud have incredibly deep knowledge of AWS systems, methodologies and technologies. Feedback we get time and time again (from customers and from our AWS contacts) is that we really know how to assemble the complex jigsaw of AWS funding, tools and tech to deliver great outcomes for everyone."

What were Nordcloud’s 2021 AWS highlights?

Among all our ongoing projects with European customers on AWS, there have been a couple of stand-out ones in the Nordics this year:

What’s next for AWS migrations at Nordcloud?

We’re raising a glass to this recognition – and preparing for an even more successful 2022. It will be another year where our cloud-native superpowers achieve great things for customers. And it will be another year where teamwork triumphs – as we work with our AWS and IBM partners to overcome tricky challenges, apply amazing tech and show the world what cloud can deliver.

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