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In Nordcloud, we continuously improve the design of our products in a way which is customer-oriented. This means that we focus on taking away the major and minor pain-points of our customers. And then we build our products in the same way that we would build for ourselves tools that are “bomb-proof”, whatever the scale of the task. This article describes two such tools that will always save your day.


“Multi-cloud”, “holistic”, “automated”, “cloud-native”, and “secure” are just some of the adjectives that we frequently use to describe all our products. And it’s no coincidence that all the adjectives above perfectly match our data protection solution, AutoBackup.

Imagine managing multiple cloud environments from different providers, and ensuring data security for all of them. It sounds like a lot of stress, context- switching and headaches, to take care of this and to maintain compliance with your company policies. And, these days, ransomware seems to be an even bigger threat than ever before – how can you be 100% sure that you have a secure copy of all your data somewhere, so that you can recover from this kind of attack?

In Nordcloud we aim to stay one step ahead of our customers’ needs.  And, by leveraging cloud native solutions, we’re able to quickly adapt to change. 

AutoBackup relies mostly on your provider’s native mechanisms for backup and replication, allowing you to manage all your settings centrally, monitor the status of data protection, and to recover your data.

You can read more about AutoBackup on this landing page.


Can you think of a solution that ensures the security of operating systems in the Cloud and on-prem, but is reliable and highly customizable at the same time? Can you imagine that you no longer need to rely only on any human capability to make sure that your VMs are successfully patched?

During our experience of patching thousands of hosts, we have seen all the possible edge cases. We have seen (and even measured) how much work there is in carrying out manual operations,  and we have combined the capabilities of many tools into one single product that you can use in your multi-cloud environment.

Nordcloud AutoPatcher has the rare ability to fit into a modern devops chain, a chain where you no longer think about one single VM, but must think about the whole environment and, in the end, about how entire environments are connected by a pipeline. Autopatcher is a dynamic and robust solution that is designed to execute custom actions, and give you full operational visibility, so that you can dream sweet dreams whilst your updates are being installed.

You can read more about AutoPatcher on this landing page.

Agnieszka Leszczyńska, Product Owner, Platform & Tools
Stephen Eastham, Technical Copywriter, Platform & Tools

Agnieszka Leszczyńska
Stephen Eastham
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