Beyond reservations and discounts: Get more from FinOps.

45 minutes that could unlock millions in savings opportunities and pre-empt major operational headaches.

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About this webinar.

Reservations and discounts are useful ways of managing cloud costs, but if you’re looking to take your approach to the next level, this focused webinar is for you.

Learn best practices for moving beyond these basic savings techniques – and embedding more lucrative FinOps approaches in cloud operations.

This webinar WON’T be about:

  • An intro to basic FinOps
  • A boring overview of right-sizing, planning or commitments
  • Information relevant to your technical and operational colleagues

This webinar WILL be about:

  • Using FinOps at a strategic level
  • Benchmarking your current state and understanding your potential as you mature
  • How FinOps supports key areas like business resilience and customer experience