Azure One App Migration Service.

How can you quickly migrate single applications to the cloud with Azure?

What challenges are IT facing

IT Environment not fit for remote work

Increased remote work changes the way how applications are used and accessed. Most on-premise environments are not prepared for the current load of remote access.

Difficult to provision new hardware

Limited access to on-site data centers, limited availability of hardware and pressure to reduce costs makes it difficult to extend / replace on-premise hardware capacity.

Pressure to reduce costs

Enterprises are looking for ways to rationalise total cost of ownership of the workloads in the short and mid term.

The Solution: One app migration with Azure

What are the key benefits of the solution?


Fast and cost effective setup based on Nordcloud built automation


Easily scalable and adjustable capacity to match the needs


Delivered by extensive team of cloud-native experts

How can we enable free migration to Azure?

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